Medicare Oversight Won’t investigate long term racial, bipolar stigma & abuse by Quest Labs



Allison Strong

I’m Caucasian and the victim of long term reverse diversity. #whiteasianlatinoeurorussiandidImissanyone’s lives matter too!


Who is accountable here????  Intentional errors, no accountability, refused a phone number for a supervisor, critical care denied by stall tactic, Tick Tock. If I don’t get my labs done by the end of the day I’m cut off my life saving medicine. (because of it’s potential side effects)

i have a huge grievance over seven years of abuse and was directed to an agency to improve quality of service. i wrote out a seven page letter including doctors who would confirm the egregious conduct of a particular Quest Diagnostics lab service location and the systemic problem i found among representatives, being denied a number for a supervisor, finding out at the last minute, when I needed service most, not being able to make a payment plan to secure or guarantee my service, if i didn’t get it i wouldn’t get lifesaving medicine. The agency that improves quality of health told me they don’t investigate grievances of laboratories who draw blood for diagnostics. I need help. This abuse can’t go on. I’m on hold with medicare now. They were the ones who sent me to the agency who says they don’t deal with labs. Round and Round I go.

RX Benefits midyear denial scare!!!!

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You know  me, always in a mess, trying to find my way out so I can tell you all about it.

I believe our healthcare, particularly mental healthcare system is broken and the only reason my head is above water is my father’s generosity.

I was approved for a pricey drug for tardive dyskinesia, then a generic came out and they are trying to withdraw their approval that runs thru feb. I sure hope the independent appeals system works because I am going to work it, dropping press credentials and communicating the willingness to take them all the way to federal court.