A New Emoji for Durex Condoms

Emojis are like the new domain ownership craze. They are now being used for brand development. This means commercial products, the Durex Condoms, are getting clever little emojis for their commercials and social media promotion. I can’t believe no one thought of this long ago…it’s an automatic.

Technology is changing our world so rapidly that Ad Agencies are having a hard time keeping up with ‘What Is’ so they can contrast that, remain competitive and think past it, called “out of the box.” I mean, if you don’t know what the ‘box’ is, how can you think out of it, right?

Why I don’t always talk about bipolar disorder, depression etc



I should probably address the illness more, since I tag it. The reason I post so many of my global observations or stuff about Cable TV shows …..now that we’re almost done with new season of House of Cards, we’re getting Danish “Borgen” (3 seasons) and “Deutschland 83″…this is how I escape. There is something about reading the news and ongoing study regarding healthcare matters that pulls me out of bipolar depressions, so that is what I bring to the blog….stuff that’s keeping me excited and engaged with life.

At one time it was Jewelry Making.

Now, it’s reading and writing and politically oriented television like “Madame Secretary.”

But when I’m in the mood for a riotous laugh, I take a tip from my friend Dyane (“Birth of a New Brain”) and turn to “CSI Miami” to watch David Caruso as Horatio whoever, put on or take off his sunglasses, place his hands on his hips and give a deadpan-ridiculous one liner sure to make me laugh. As if life was so simple.

The lengths we’ll go in order to feel good



Lately I’ve been taking an antidepressant I regard as a miracle drug. They don’t know exactly how it works but it works on some four different neurtransmitters as compared to Wellbutrin’s dopamine and Prozac or Zoloft’s Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitor. Those just work on one. This medicine has a side effect of violent nausea, and I’m not the only one. It’s listed as the third most common side effect.

There was a period of two weeks where I could not keep it down. This is three weeks ago. Mike had a trashcan next to the couch where I was laying while I tried every which way to keep this medicine in my system to retain my fine mood. I went through bipolar depression relapse in April-Mid July of this year and though I’ve gotten past ‘worrying’ about its’ inevitable return, I don’t want it to. This antidepressant is a huge boon. Nothing works quite as well. We’ve tried. In fact, it works so well I only need to take it twice a week. Why should I take more?

I ground it up and put it in my protein drink and attempted to work out at the Y. Bad idea. I ate full, balanced meals and still…..I was sick. I dropped 12 lbs in ten days by pure happenstance. When people tell me that certain drugs make them nauseated I don’t even want to hear it. I am desperate to claim the therapeutic benefits of this drug, Brintellix, no matter the cost. Depression is feeling like dying 24/7, or in my case, my waking hours. My whole world goes dark. I’m putting it off as long as I can. Of course it would be nice if a new antidepressant were to come along but there hasn’t been a new FDA approved medication for depression since 2013.  I think we’re due.

The fight left in me…quite a bit, matter of fact



It was pointed out that I’m fighting the drug companies. Not at all. I’m fighting for our health and that means taking to time to research medications and drug drug interactions that your doctor or pharmacist might have missed. It means Googling Nami to see what the statistics are on what percent of the population on antipsychotics over a decade will get tardive, or diabetes type 2, even if they are slender and fit. So if that sounds like a war against Medicine, I don’t know what to say. Maybe I need to take it down a notch.

Medicine saved my life. Yes, medicine has poisoned me somewhat, more related to the high doses than the meds themselves.


Great Ibpf article on My Husband and I


Some people with bipolar prefer to date someone who also has a mental illness. This makes it easier to understand what the other is going through, but at the same time it can be difficult to care for the other person’s health while managing your own.

Allison shares tips from her experience where both people in the relationship have a mental illness in this blog:

http://ibpf.org/…/couples-bipolar-disorder-8-tips-prevent-d… ‪#‎IBPFblogs‬

A strong bond with someone who shares your challenges can be the most meaningful, supportive, enduring relationship ever. You become a tag team,…

Valentine’s new Martin Scorcese, Mick Jagger TV Show: Vinyl



Don’t forget…Bobby Cannivale, who did a star turn as Gyp Rosetti in Boardwalk Empire (my favorite was when he did S&M with himself as the M in a dog collar) and as Al Pacino’s son in “Danny Collins” stars in this show about the music business. Since I was married to a Geffen Records promoter, I know the other side of the music industry pretty intimately and can’t wait to take stock of their creation. bobbyI think it’s on HBO, like a lot of other good stuff.

My friend Dyane (who also has a variant of bipolar disorder) is living my dream!

 This what I would have done if I’d been profiled in a publication so lofty they won’t publish my writing but they write about me!!!! That is what is happening to Dyane. Maybe they think she is ‘too good’ or ‘too serious’ for them. Or maybe they don’t want to have a moving, disturbing article in the first person on post partum onset bipolar disorder. They are just now wrapping their head around post partum depression and bipolar disorder! Have they covered Schizoaffective yet? I think NOT! By saying this of course I am blowing my chances of being published there, I’ve tried several times as well with no response. But that’s ok. Dyane is taking a page out of the Donald Trump playbook, any publicity, especially free publicity, is better than a commercial or a future advertisement for her upcoming book, “Birth of a New Brain.” I’m hot on her heals with my own, watching her learn and grow.

Dyane Leshin-Harwood, founding member of the Santa Cruz DBSA chapter, has advice for new mothers managing a mental disorder and a career. Her upcoming book is “Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder.” http://bit.ly/1PwKpo4




I’m asking your opinion if you have time could you answer?



Should I change my photo rom the current photo on the left, switching to the one up above on the left or up above on the right, leaning into my hand?

Which is better for my blog, “Bipolar Strength: Rebel With A Cause?”

I’m still a rebel but I stand FOR things, not against them. My friend has helped me see this, so I’m modifying my blog to reflect it.

My name is Allison Strong. I used to be an outspoken, highly rated female (obviously), alternative disc jockey, a continuation of a music scene that defied the status quo, sometimes to good effect.

It was an era when we could talk about depression. I even had a regular guest named “the cemetery guy” and people absolutely loved him!

My boss wasn’t sure about it but when he saw my ratings spike, it decimated every preconceived notion he had about what made ‘good radio.’ People were ok with the dark side. The ratings bore that out.


People won’t admit it but want a good image. That’s why I went with something professional, obviously contrived. But it was a mockup of the late movie star James Dean, and his titular film “Rebel Without A Cause.” That’s why I went with the wifebeater T shirt one.

I want to show rebellion and questioning the status quo, doing things like researching medicines and their side effects before taking them, instead of doing what I did, blindly loading up on high doses of certain meds that had permanent neurological side effects.


It is what it is. I’m not angry about it anymore but want to ‘clue in’ the next generation of people getting an automatic bipolar disorder diagnosis and given a set of meds to take without question. It might not be so easy to get off them as it was to go on.

You can actually go online and google a med and the one in its’ class with the most class action lawsuits for a particular side effect, well you can add 2+2 or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. If I’d only have known.

So what do you think? Stay with Wifebeater and the darkness or pick the LOLOL laugh my head off shot or another professional smiley commercial headshot?

What is best? I’m having a hard time giving up the James Dean image. It’s a tough call. But I am modifying my name.


aka bipolarbrainiac


Bipolar Metabolism an untapped market

tribal 013aljeweling2


The above pictures reflect a before and after. No Jenny Craig, no gimmicks. Diet and Exercise, certain herbs for blood sugar, increased water. Of course, when I’m in a months long bipolar depression, which happens every year or so, I have the food-mood connection and I fall back into the pit of binging and don’t exercise. I had to ‘re lose’ 20 lbs after my depression relapse in April thru July of this year. It takes time to lose!!!


At 54, I find myself with a health challenge beyond weight.

Because of antipsychotic psych meds I must take,  I’m prediabetic, even though I weight train and get 7 hours of cardio a month, no sugar, raw foods, am slender and muscular. Using myself as a research subject, with help from someone who has actually studied antipsychotic related metabolic changes. Journaling, blood tests, saliva tests for hormone levels that play a part. I hope my work will be published in both bphope.com, and International Bipolar Foundation. There will be no repetition of content. Believe me, I’ve been collecting data on research and nutrition, hormones, cortisol, etc, for six months. There’s enough helpful information to go around. I just wanted you to know I’m embarking on a journey to turn my metabolic problem around and will let you know how it goes.