Opiod Replacement Pain Medicines in Pipeline..?: Will we get ’em? Do they want us to get ‘well’?


So much is being made on black marketed prescription drugs like oxy and ‘the box’ that you gotta wonder The FDA and DEA are at cross purposes because pain advocates are pushing back, assisted by big pharma. Why not, right? The CNN Story with Anderson Cooper distorted it further. So much confusion we’re not entitled to ‘straight dope’ on this issue. I recently learned IBUPROFEN and Tylenol, my first line “go tos” destroy a digestive enzyme, furthering the constipation problem I suffer with it. hey, someone’s gotta speak up.

So, here’s holistic hope to hold onto, sorta..this will be a pricey pharmaceutical too: Hot off Press this week-Duke University Study isolated pain receptors TRPV4 and TRPAI and have a way to activate them; releasing natural endocannibinoids (not endorphine..that was debunke4d ages ago) to secrete natural painkillers for our comfort.

Organic stuff, sad to say, like MS contin, which I took for sixteen years, are actually better for your overall systemic health than NSAIDs which harm the liver and destroy digestive enzymes. Whoops I’m repeating myself. I just wanted you to know the knews. \

And I have yet another natural way of dealing with chronic pain in this article. A click is all it takes to make my day. At least you aren’t making Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook richer. If you click this, you are helping me and my platform. Am I going about this the wrong way? I should be listening to your aches and pains and I promise to do more of that. It, too, is a natural painkiller, releasing a substance called Oxytocin, the ‘love’ hormone begotten of human interaction with those you care about even if you’re separated by miles and held together by broadband.

Here I am: http://www.bphope.com/blog/bipolar-mood-cycles-stop-fighting-and-win/


90’s Film “Swimming With Sharks” w/Kevin Spacey


It’s “Shark Week.” And I’m back out in the water, crawling my 1 1/2 miles with a back brace on to prevent me from aggravating my spine twisting my torso too far when I turn right and left for a breath of air.

Little by little, we lose things we love and adjust, accept and move on. I’m the worst, constantly trying to ‘have iot all,’ as my health deteriorates. lololol! I need to go back to AA and practice “Acceptance” and  “Life on Life’s Terms.” Did those faces trigger or seem punitively grim to anyone else? Or am I the only one?


Anyway, movies like these, (and I’ll bet you never heard of “Swimming With Sharks),” helps me with chronic pain. Maybe cuz it’s my favorite topic: Hollywood Studios and the machinations taking place behind the walls.

It was an indie film and did not get wide distribution. I lived in LA when it came out and also when the film “Affliction” was released, featuring Nick Nolte, Willem Dafoe, Sissy Spacek and the late James Coburn.  Family alcoholism and mental illness passed on and one in a small town in Maine. The bitterly cold climate was a perfect counterpoint to the simmering rage between brothers over ‘who fucked up the worst’ similar to Bloodline. These are Indie films with A-listers.

What does that tell you about Hollywood, Money And Power?


I taking on the ‘powers that be’ trying to address a side effect of antipsychotics that’s mostly covered up.

It’s a movement disorder. I have it.  If I say what, I’m afraid you’ll split. But it’s important. It may be rarer than we thought but it’s real. People at risk or showing early signs need to know.

Deal? Help me? Click and/or comment on this little story if you think we can help each other…. and I’ll find out who you are and we can talk about whatever. On WP, we do that, or at least that’s my experience.


Declaring a Stigma Free, Demilitarized Zone in New Bphope.com (Bipolar Hope) article!

tribal 078

So ironic this article coincided with the passing of the world’s greatest boxer, ne Cassius Clay then Mohammed Ali. Also the opiate wars escalate with the DEA and FDA at cross purposes. It used to be that if the DEA suspected a pharmacy, any pharmacy, of dispensing to abusers or if they suspected a doctor doing the same (and how would a doc or a drug store even know if it’s not on a database but street action) they used to be able to just ‘shut ’em down a la Rico Statute. No more. So anyway, for now, it’s a Stigma Free, demilitarized zone.

I know, you see me as a fighter but bipolar disorder mood cycles and many other things can’t be won by resisting to waging war.

click me and see!


Move Over, Movement Disorder: Tardive Dyskinesia and its impact on chronic back pain.




I know many are upset about the CNN report with Anderson Cooper on “The Opiate Epidemic.” I could go on and on about that one and my 16 years of a high quality of life due to these ‘dangerous’ drugs. Tardive Dyskinesia takes an injured low back and adds in jerky twists, turns and torks of my torso. Oh, my gosh. Even on pain meds I can feel the instant delivery of shots of pain from the twitching and spasm. Oh well. Seven years of STIMA and Chronic pain. So the topic of chronic pain magnified by tardive dyskinesia has come up because I finally had to quit using my ms contin after 16 safe, responsible, uncomplicated use. I even drove my dose down to a 1/3 of what is was before when I finally stopped due to side effects. 16 years. And I’m a person with a former history of substance abuse, exercise addictio9n, left handed, and bipolar. The very person they think is most at risk of going to the streets, to heroin or abusing their prescription. Puleeze!!!

Enough on that topic. It is what it is and that’s why I’ve stopped “Fighting” it.


I’ve been listening to 90’s hardcore Grungers “Mudhoney” and their epic “Don’t Touch Me, I’m Sick!” In my 7 years with Tardive Dyskinesia, regarding stigma, they lay it on thick. Real thick. Some doctors won’t even take you on.  They see you as a walking lawsuit. Not in a million years.  I’m in enough physical and mental pain and don’t want others to suffer just because I do. I wish Deb Houry from the CDC who says opiates don’t benefit long term, noncancerous pain!!!!!!!!!


But on Tardive I have really good news!!!!

A few years ago, I wrote about this. It’s food for thought if you are on an antipsychotic, new or old. However,  MUCH LESS CAUSE FOR WORRY side effect wise. Newer drugs are much cleaner of this neurological and even metabolic fallout.

Tardive Website links and Utube:

Blog: http://www.ibpf.org/blog/move-over-movement-disorder

Tardive Vlogs Utube

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCOR_YVo-ks

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqfEX8jl-Zs

Chronic pain compounded by tardive dyskinesia…please don’t write about what you don’t understand.

al in german dress and new earrings

I safely used ms contin for sixteen years, all the while hydrating, swimming, pilates, Wobenzyme, Pau’ D’Arco, Turmeric (anti inflammatory diet, rabbit food regimen) regular stretching, etc, for pain and round after round of expensive injections (12 in all..they all cost 200.00 and they all failed).

One of them caused a severe flare, causing me to ACTUALLY use the amount prescribed. Mostly, I took way less, taking cold turkey ‘vacations’ to drive DOWN my tolerance/dosage.

The other one was a test for “Coolief,” the burning of the entire nerve branch block of my lumbar spine. It’s tens of thousands of dollars and Medicare doesn’t prior authorize it. I’d lose my house. That’s one thing in life I’m not incurring penalties and interest on, like the taking of pain medicine. Hey, I know it’s long term bad but I can’t take the present of my ‘present.’ I don’t abuse my meds. I stopped because they were abusing me, idiots.

And I have bipolar and a history of drug abuse. And I’m intelligent and left handed, creative. So if I’m such a drug addict, why is it, tell me, that when I finally stopped at 1/3 of what I had been taking in prior years, there were 250 extra pills left over? Because I kept cutting them up in an effort to get by with less and the pills that couldn’t be cut in half, I saved for a rainy day. I can’t take them anymore anyway. They sit here and I don’t think about them until I read an article by someone who thinks there is no benefits of taking opiates for non cancerous chronic pain. For palliative care only. I have the spine of an 85 year old at 55. I was a professional athlete and exercise bulimic, under a ton of pressure to be thin to do commercials and modeling. It’s a disease, not just a vanity thing. I’ve been to eating disorder treatment twice, both for4 60 days. Bankrupted me and my family.

On the pain thing  But I don’t think you understand the agony of a psoriatic arthritic whose injuries are compounded by the uncontrollable muscle spasms of tardive dyskinesia, a rare but real side effect of my bipolar medications, which I take like clockwork and have also tried to reduce or discontinue. You probably don’t believe in bipolar either but trust me, without these meds I have delusions I have children and fixate on stop signs.

Please, people, talk to people who are truly in pain. Who need their meds to work when the pain is truly excruciating, unlivable.

Please, opiate haters, Don’t talk about what you don’t understand.