There aren’t enough weeks for all the new words!!!!

Before I forget, as I just looked all these up electronically,..oh, and I used one today. in an article I used the word “Bloviate” as I’d read it in relation to The Donald. It’s a verb. That’s what he does. Go here and there and everywhere but be consistent with his emphatic stances on important and ‘presidential’ topics. Don’t get me wrong, I might vote for him as the lesser of two evils. I’m not sure. Hilary looks “House of Cards” to me but maybe that’s what our country needs.

Exogenos…coming from outside sources.

Conflagrating. A timely word as It means a huge burning fire that devours everything in sight. I ran across this word before the fire in Canada. It was used in a political context.

Pernicious…Hurtful, vicious, damaging.

anomalous…deviating from the norm.

Sobriquet…a nickname or a term for something that sticks.

Imprimatur…endorsement or ‘ok.’ To sign off on something or someone.


A landslide of words midweek and more on the benefits of learning


allisoninClaudeMontanaHey you guys, do I look better as a blonde? ….off topic.

I forgot to mention that taking things up when we are more mature has one more benefit. While we’re beginning to realize our body’s are getting older and we are losing strength, among other things, we’re at least getting better, moving forward on SOMETHING.  And apparently that counts for a lot.

So many words this week I have to get them off my plate. Some of them will help my writing, like ‘Axiom’ or retrench. You’ll see.

Retrench: Reduce Government costs in response to a national economic downturn. Reminds me of Greek ‘austerity.’

Nostrum: a medicine that doesn’t work like ‘tonics’ in the old days.

Demagogue: Someone who appeals to people’s prejudice and deep desire.

Calligphygian; Nice buttocks??? That can’t be right.

Inmitable: Impossible to copy.’

Axiom: Well established fact or theory.

Promulgate: Promote

Aphorism: an astute observation.

Mandarin: A member of a cabal or empire, often secret. Like a meeting of top Cardinals in the Catholic Church or even Clerics in Islam.

Bloviate: To go on at length with empty, inflated promises or statements. Certainly not aphorisms.