Using more Music, writing about Music, for balance in my life.



For my life to be balanced, I’m working with a global literary and arts mag, called “The Missing Slate” writing reviews of musicians. I’m hoping my Afghan Whigs story gets picked up. Does anyone know who the Afghan Whigs are?


They wrote alot of stuff about the raw emotions of early sobriety and how tough it was to put your heart in someone else’s hands; only for it to be squished or stepped on. This happened to me, this 13th step business quite a bit. Even when we waited that mandatory year…”No relationships for the first year” sort of the same wisdom that spouts “Keep it Stupid Simple” and other hard core, black and white, derogatory statements.

And then they wonder why they’re losing the opiate war.

With our tired tactics and lousy combat strategies, it’s no wonder the body count keeps going up ¬†even when opiate prescriptions are down. ¬†“The Program” isn’t right for everyone, but it’s considered the ‘Gold Standard.’ And they never mention people who are in pain, like the late Prince. What are we going to tell them? That they have to live a life of agony so they can be ‘sober?”

I see alot of talking heads who know very little about how the crisis could be headed off at the pass. Discontinue the use of all immediate release drugs like Vicodin and Percocet. They’re far from beneign. They deliver the fatal dose by setting up ‘Set and Setting.’ Once someone puts it together that one of these pills for pain is good, they’ll swallow 3 and then a handful.

This doesn’t happen with extended release drugs unless the user/abuser monkeys with the time release mechanism in order to get an instant rush.