Words of the Weak


This is supposed to help our mood. I don’t know about you but I woke up soooo depressed today. Once I got to the music and the computer much better.

Sobriquet (can’t remember context)  Nickname

Probity (2016 campaign) Morals

inimitable (Prince)  Cannot be copied.

Dyspeptic  (2016 campaign referring to a candidate) indigestion or irritability.

Mantel (can’t remember context) just what it means. A mantelpiece.

Bipolar Listomania Shocker

Who Would You like jammed down your throat? A superficial “list” article, Donald Trump (who drove the media towards tabloidy coverage), or Miss Allison Strong. Hmmm. None of the above. Just as we thought.

womens worlddonaldallicat


This has tough for her because she thinks if people who have bipolar disorder want to be taken seriously, then a neatly arranged body of factoids with nothing to back them up, is horrendous. She has lost one publisher (that she even knows) for expressing her disturbance at the amount of mental health content being dealt with too lightly with “National Enquirer” type lists. Here is the link to the gutsy pulication, bphope.com, who allowed Allison to stick her neck out (she does that regularly) and prove why these lists aren’t always appropriate or productive. Here’s the link: I hope you become part of the electoral process. http://www.bphope.com/blog/bipolar-strong-list-o-mania-shocker.

Let us know if you think we, too should can her ass by commenting, ‘unliking’ etc in the comments section below

Catastrophic level of Traffic for many reasons, Margaritaville resort being just one



It’s so bad I even read the newspaper in traffic. I have low back problems and after sitting in the chair writing, I get up to get moving, get out of the house, try to get distracted (this is after all my pilates mat, hamstring stretching, deep breathing and mindfulness meditation) I get in my car and boom, it’s a bottleneck, everwhere. I live on the coastal road, “Ocean Drive” and There’s a brand new Jimmy Buffet “Margaritaville” resort in what used to be our town square, main access to the beach and on the beach concert hall. New highrises have risen. It’s tourist season. It’s raining. But worse, there is construction everywhere. Why during tourist season? Because during hurricane season it wouldn’t be convenient for them. I wish every decision in life was that easy.margaritaville

I’m asking your opinion if you have time could you answer?



Should I change my photo rom the current photo on the left, switching to the one up above on the left or up above on the right, leaning into my hand?

Which is better for my blog, “Bipolar Strength: Rebel With A Cause?”

I’m still a rebel but I stand FOR things, not against them. My friend has helped me see this, so I’m modifying my blog to reflect it.

My name is Allison Strong. I used to be an outspoken, highly rated female (obviously), alternative disc jockey, a continuation of a music scene that defied the status quo, sometimes to good effect.

It was an era when we could talk about depression. I even had a regular guest named “the cemetery guy” and people absolutely loved him!

My boss wasn’t sure about it but when he saw my ratings spike, it decimated every preconceived notion he had about what made ‘good radio.’ People were ok with the dark side. The ratings bore that out.


People won’t admit it but want a good image. That’s why I went with something professional, obviously contrived. But it was a mockup of the late movie star James Dean, and his titular film “Rebel Without A Cause.” That’s why I went with the wifebeater T shirt one.

I want to show rebellion and questioning the status quo, doing things like researching medicines and their side effects before taking them, instead of doing what I did, blindly loading up on high doses of certain meds that had permanent neurological side effects.


It is what it is. I’m not angry about it anymore but want to ‘clue in’ the next generation of people getting an automatic bipolar disorder diagnosis and given a set of meds to take without question. It might not be so easy to get off them as it was to go on.

You can actually go online and google a med and the one in its’ class with the most class action lawsuits for a particular side effect, well you can add 2+2 or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. If I’d only have known.

So what do you think? Stay with Wifebeater and the darkness or pick the LOLOL laugh my head off shot or another professional smiley commercial headshot?

What is best? I’m having a hard time giving up the James Dean image. It’s a tough call. But I am modifying my name.


aka bipolarbrainiac


RIP Robert Spitzer MD who upgraded DSM’s into the future

The person most responsible for DSM’s leap into the mainstream passed away last week? His name was Robert Spitzer and I’ve run across three articles about his life and work.

When he tweaked DSMIII, he removed same sex orientation as a basis for a diagnosis. Gay rights speakers claim that if it hadn’t been for Dr. Spitzer, there would be no gay marriage today.

His work on DSMIII was a total departure from  overreliance on the unreliable: the wide spectrum of Freudian authority. With the updates of and additions to DSM3, the new framework for diagnostics was based on  a ‘checklist’ of symptoms. While not perfect, it is more accurate and leaves less territory wide open for speculation.

While my psychiatrist of fifteen years is a bit of a Freudian doc, many psychiatrists in the 70’s were frustrated with Freudian theory and the idea that someone had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to lie on a couch and speak to a silent psychoanalyst for years on end.

Antipsychotics at adult dosage strengths given to toddlers.

This is why I read the New York Times. I get mental health coverage that I get nowhere else. Apparently toddlers who throw tantrums or are seriously withdrawn and have other behavioral difficulties are getting atypicals in swiftly, dramatically growing numbers. From last year to this, the numbers have doubled. The database will not release the names of the prescribing physicians. These are usually GPs and they are not trained in psychiatry. Part of the problem is the lack of child psychiatrists in the united states.

Movie: “The 33:” semi-underground release emotionally …groundbreaking!

Miners work in dangerious, death defying conditions. There is no OSHA in Latin American Countries. Some countries in South America have corruption and are influenced by big businesses such as mining. Antonio Banderas and Lou Diamond Phillips, (Henry in “Longmire”),Tell me something I don’t already know.

The country knows the mine has a fissure, making it unstable. They send the men down anyway. When the mine collapses, the miners see that there aren’t enough food rations for the 33 of them and the ladders supposedly built for them to use to climb out of the mines in exactly this circumstance aren’t even finished. They are way too short to even get them out of the refuge. (their version of a ‘Panic Room,’ sort of)

Everyone scrambles to protect all the responsible parties, leaving the wives barricaded outside the mine by a chain link fence. Gabriel Byrne does a star turn as a government mining expert with experience in these matters. It takes them a while before they decide whether to silently give up on their miners or make the herculean effort to try to dig them out.

Gimmicky physical metaphors like 33 miners gathered ’round with their helmet’s spotlights all turned on, searching in darkness where hope may not live. The 8-second screen wipe of pitch black, leaving us waiting like they are. Casting villainous roles with well-known actors like Bob Gunton, who played the jail warden from “Shawshank Redemption.” Coming out of hiding was Chilean actor Cote De Pablo (Ziva David from NCIS) in a role that didn’t deserve her. Juliet Binoche, unrecognizable and layered playing a betrayed Latin American Wife, courageously waiting for the men to be saved….or else

Go see it. Thar’s Gold in That Thar Hills.

Remember this face?
Remember this face?


There is so much to keep up with that it’s sometimes hard to do anything! Especially with black and white thinking, all or nothing.

Crazy Spoonie Life

I’m so frustrated today. No matter what I do, I just can’t lose any weight. I started gaining when I was put on an anti-depressant but I really put on the pounds when I started taking my thyroid medication earlier this year. I talked to my doctor about this and she said it’s due to the hypothyroidism and the medication. I need to work twice as hard as a “normal” person to lose weight. Because of an underlying condition with my lungs,  my doctor only allows me to do a few easy exercises like walking. I do yoga and she’s fine with that as well. Kinda hard losing weight without any “real” exercise. I changed the way I eat a while ago. I’ve been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for years and also been cooking from scratch. Cut out sodas etc. I’m thinking I may be on the wrong medication. At my…

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You Are What You Think

You are what you think. Most people don’t realize the power behind thought … but more importantly, how each thought has its own unique energy signature, which can be very powerful. Always remember that you’re a magnetic energy being, so that when you have a thought, it immediately gets lodged in your magnetic field, which is more commonly known as your aura.

When that thought remains in this field for any length of time, it often radiates out to be absorbed into the Universe. It’s easy to imagine what’s likely to happen to someone who constantly lives in fear that certain things will happen in their life. They’re consciously thinking about it, dwelling on it, obsessing on it, feeding their precious energy into it. Of course, the net result is that they end up sending that stream of fear-based thought out into the Universe. It’s like they’re holding up a sign above their head with a giant arrow saying: “Hey, come to me!” So, it usually does. Then you hear them saying: “I knew this was going to happen!” It’s not rocket science to see that we attract what we think.