Words…why they turn me on?


This is what Sunny South Florida will do to you if you go walking, etc.

Vertiginous: Steep, high, causing someone to become dizzy.

Parapet: A low protective wall.

Riverine: Of a river or a riverbank. What context, I wonder?

Pileated: Having a cap like a mushroom. Maybe a hat is what they are speaking of.

Purloined: Steal, thievery

Missing “House of Cards” “The Good Wife?” Try Marseilles on Netflix

depardieudepardieu young

I don’t know how I found this show, but it’s a Netflix original French drama with subtitles. It’s like “The Girlfriend Experience,” (GFE) “The Good Wife” and for sure “House of Cards” since it involves the longtime mayor of the French port city of Marseilles, scandal, paternity issues, adultery, drug abuse and betrayal on a massive scale. I mention GFE because there is so much sex. Check it out and get back to me ok?

How is this relevant to bipolar or depression? Escape can be good.

More on spicy entertainment


Actor Bobby Cannavale as the ‘relapsed’ drinker and drunker record company head. I used to be married to one of those.


If you are really into rock, particularly punk stuff like Sex Pistols and latter day Punk like the Ramones, you might want to preset the show ‘Vinyl,’ which focuses on a band called “The New York Dolls.” You may not have heard of them but the lead singer of the band “the smiths,” Steven Patrick Morrissey, he wrote a whole book on them. No one can get ahold of it because it’s out of print and that is how he wants it. It gives him cache and mystery, like the business of his sexuality cloaked in secrecy. He felt it was no one’s affair. Get it? Anyway, download a few New York Dolls songs and I am sure you will like them. They were ahead of their time and not embraced by commercial radio.  The show, with Mick Jagger and Martin Scorcese as the helm, will premier this Sunday night.

I promised You Documentaries this week



Little Girl Blue…Janis Biopic

On Showtime right now: “Listen to Me Marlon.” Live Clips and interviews as well as film clips from the actor before he died. Said to be really good. Playing a lot. Record it ahead of time if you have that option.

Madam Phung’s Last Journey: True Cinema Verite about  transgender’s sheltering and protecting each other in Vietnam

Mia Madre (Italy) about female filmmaker

“Palio” Italy. About travel in Italy.

“Sembene” Political take on Sengales

“Taxi” Iranian film taken from car camera. This filmmaker has been banned since 2010.

“Song of Lahore” Pakistan. A traveling Pakistani troupe of musicians.

“Jacskson Heights” US  A part of Queens where 167 languages are spoken.’

“Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans.” Its about his obsession with race cars and the road it took him on.

“Ingrid Bergman, In her Own Words.” A documentary about the actress.

“In the Basement” What people do with their basements

“What our Fathers Did.” Another take on the Holocaust.


We r Rguing about Gabor sisters & Sirius OUtlaw Country!


Eva, above

Zsa Zsazsa zsa

My husband and I are talking about Sirius’s FM’s channel the innovative “Outlaw Country.” You are as likely to hear Johnny Cash as you R to hear ZZ Top as Johnny Cash or even Patsy Cline. What he thinks is interesting is a song written by an oldster and later popularized by someone like The Beatles. Both songs would be aired on this cool station. It also plays Meredith Brooks and Lucinda Williams, both who are newer artists. Then we got to talking about TV Land and Green Acres vs Beverly Hillbillies. I told hubby that I had lived next door to Zsa Zsa’s daughter in the Hollywood Hills in 1999 and that Zsa Zsa was not known for acting but by marriage to Conrad Hilton. He disagrees. We looked it up. I’m right. Eva was the Green Acres actor. Zsa was the only one of the Hungarian sisters to even have a child. When I was psychotic at the very end of my stay there I thought I had children (I am childless), used to run down Laurel Canyon and buy groceries to make them dinner. Dad and I talked on the phone and I told him I was making dinner for the kids, who were being babysat at Zsa Zsa’s daughter’s house.

Frightened, he tried to make light of a grave situation. “Allison,” he said, “YOu don’t have any kids, remember? I assured him I did but after I hung up I realized he was right. I needed inpatient therapy for a second time in 10 years. Those actually are not bad stats for a person with bipolar I w/psychotic features.

Free thought #1

Keep writing. I have a theory on how to best ‘break the fall’ when it is coming. It’s an old volleyball metaphor, flex, don’t fight, roll, or you will fall flat your face and have injuries. I want to do a story about that regarding mood swings because I am so tired of people saying
“Fight Bipolar Disorder” “Tackle Bipolar Disorder,” “Beat Bipolar Disorder” and depressions, too. You can’t beat the system. The house always wins.

Bipolar disorder diversions: New and Notable films

“Trumbo” with Bryan Cranston in November. Seems to be about a writer someone in Hollywood who was blacklisted in the McArthy (sp?) anticommunist witch hunt but still managed to work under cover..maybe.

“Steve Jobs.” (founder of Apple..you know) Michael Fassbender is an incredible actor. Seth Rogen plays his co founder and he says to Steve, “Your products are better than you are.” Jobs responds, “That’s the idea.”

“Bridge of Spies” Tom Hanks. Steven Speilberg. The Cold War? Not sure.

“Sicario” it’s a very interesting take on anticartel black ops designed to upset the system and hierarchy of the Mexican cartels. It’s very tense, violent, lots of horrifying carnage in Ciudad Juarez on Texas border. Underground tunnels, absolute deniability. Benicio Del Toro is a shadowy character that helps the US Cia-FBI joint venture with his knowledge of the whole deal. It’s obvious he was once a Cartel guy and paid for it dearly.

Labyrinth of Lies  Looks to be a German film or at least about Germans after WWII

Mississipi Grind (did you see Bloodline? The ne’r do well druggie Ben Mendelson takes a star turn here.) Ben Mendelson and Ryan Reynolds are down and out gamblers traveling cross country for a big score.

Ashby….know nothing except it’s a Mickey Roarke Film

99 Homes is a downer because all these people are being kicked out of their homes but it fills in the information gaps about all those horrible, variable rate mortages and bad loans given to people who could not afford them. It’s based in Florida and stars a guy from BoardWalk Empire, Michael Shannon.

Our Brand is Chaos: Sandra Bullock as a campaign manager in a South American Country, working for a guy who has no chance at winning the election

Listen to Me Marlon  A documentary and it looks like Showtime is going to broadcast it soon.

Truth   Robert Redford plays Dan Rather.

Carol  Cate Blanchette and Rooney Mara (Girl Dragon Tattoo) Older lady falls in love with shopgirl.