Bio: I went to Stanford on a Volleyball scholarship after being cut from the team two years in a row. I don't care for the word "no." They said I was 'unathletic' with poor hand-eye coordination. I continued playing volleyball professionally in LA while acting in TV, film, student film and commercials. When I had my first manic episode, I was in Ketchum/Sun Valley Idaho, working in radio. I was sent to Salt Lake City, the nearest psych ward around. I sent out tapes from there, yeah, from the loony bin and got hired locally. Later I worked at "The Edge" and KUKQ in Phoenix, "The X" in LA, and "The Peak" in Spokane, WA. I did music journalism for "Hits" magazine "Melody Maker" (UK) and "The Arizona Republic." Now I write for International Bipolar Disorder, bphope.com and NewLifeOutlook (Bipolar) and try to find downtime to listen to new music, read books, see independent films and cable television. Right now "Billions," with Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti is my favorite show. I'm in sunny South Florida, have two cats and am married. I have bipolar disorder, bipolar I. I'm working on a book or two (isn't everyone)?

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  1. I am new to the blogosphere, but just want to give you kudos for your posts. Thank you. You can find me: bipolar2runner if you’d like to hop on as I chronicle my journey back to relevancy after a severe emotional breakdown and diagnosis as a man with bipolar 2 disorder.


    • So nice to hear from you. I didn’t think anyone felt the same way about ‘Animals’ as I did. And even tho I ended up the the ‘alternative’ format, the classic rock is still very poignant and relevant to me. I recently bought a track on ITunes. Are you a musician?

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  2. “I don’t care for the word ‘no.'” LOL! That’s the best thing I’ve read all day. I love it. You definitely have a new follower. I’m newly diagnosed with bipolar, and it’s great to see someone beating it so effectively. Thanks for the encouragement through your blog.



  3. Hey I read some of your stuff on BPhope and tried to email you a question about finding a memoir you had mentioned in a comment elsewhere but your email for this blogsite doesn’t seem to work. I’d appreciate any contact. Love your work!


  4. Hi -thanks for the follow. I have family who live in Miami. I live in the doom and gloom of the U.K.- What an interesting back ground you have had. I don’t know what it must have been liek to do a radio post from a clinic. Have you done a post on it?


    • well, I was an employee disc jockey when I went in for sixty days. Allergic to lithium, so tricker case w/complications, drug drug interactions. What I DID do is manage to get a job, get an interview for a few days after my release date by lying and saying I was calling long distance. Before caller ID. And I landed a plum job in a much larger market. I had to play sad Maria Carey, Michael Bolton songs for a year, let’s not forget Paula Abdul, Whitney Houston and many more sad divas that depressed the hell out of me I wanted to be in “Alternative,” the hardest to get into because the delivery style of a dj can’t be affected or too ‘professional and slick’ like a TV voiceover. It’s gotta sound real. Being crazy sort of worked for me. Until I didn’t


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