Mental Illness Awareness and Patient Advocacy

The term ‘Mental Health’ is unfortunate, because the last time I looked, the brain was connected to the body, right? Hardy Har Har. Actually, Mental Health Parity, where a person with a mental health condition receives equal insurance coverage as a person with say…..cardiovascular illness or diabetes, that’s where we want to go with this.


On advocacy opportunities:


If you have a medical or mental health condition you have struggled with, a medical condition, and you think you’d be a good advocate, a note of warning: This will NOT help you obtain the medicine except to possibly guide you to charitable foundations who can provide copayment assistance grants, like National Organization of Rare Diseases, (NORD) who helps me with my Tardive Dyskinesia Medicine. The drug company can NOT be involved in that process, however.


You can do Twitter Outreach. Google the Drug Company and look for key players or even local drug reps on social media. When doing Twitter outreach, you can direct message the manufacturers  of the medication that applies to your illness if you want to get involved.

Remember, however, that this type of work is highly regulated, and you might rather do something more low key and less ‘legal,’ so to speak.

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