Finding work as Patient Advocate first in a series


A pleasant side effect one major side effect I have has been traveling and doing paid public speaking about overcoming these iatrogenic (Caused by medical treatment or medicine itself) complications of psych meds.

Because these are iatrogenic (treatment or medication ‘complications) they’re touchy subjects, the big elephants in the room. There is stigma to overcome, on the part of doctors and patients. Because of this hesitancy on the part of psychiatrists, primary care people and neurologists, it took me 3 years and 10 appts with top neurologists to get a simple diagnosis and relief from my involuntary movements. My point in this case with TD?

If the doctors would get over their uncomfortability and be willing to ‘break the news’ and get their patients to the appropriate specialists, sometimes this side effect can be prevented w/o patients having to give up meds they really need. No one will talk about it. I am willing to.

… how does one find work like this? Well, I’m finding out! The money isn’t stratospheric, but it’s helpful, I can pay a private literary coach to help me edit my book, get my hair done, the little things I can’t afford because of my high medical expenses. It’s nice to be a ‘part of’ something bigger than myself and do some good in this world.

I can’t ever discuss specifics, because marketing and many other matters are proprietary and confidential. But the basics of finding rewarding work in this elusive field? I’m happy to share. Let me know and also feel free to email me at

Allison Strong

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