I work for you and you won’t give me a job recommendation? Seriously??? Seriously?

I’m nurturing a fantasy of returning to the work force in my early sixties, and come off of disability insurance for bipolar disorder. I recently took a look at my book of letters of recommendation, because an alternative radio station down here, “The Shark” is interested in me for part -time work as a disc jockey. Today this is called voice tracking. You can do it from your frickin’ car if you have the right technology. So I’ve asked some people for letters of recommendation. There are two other parties who asked me for letters of recommendation. So yeah, I’ve been asking the people I do little speeches for or write for. My work as a ‘professional patient.’

Apparently, certain sorts of work in the drug world, the pharma world, they won’t give you a letter of recommendation, for reasons I can only begin to imagine. This bothers me at a gut level, because I’ve been gamely serving up my soul for the past year. This ‘work’ is well-paid, it’s called Patient Ambassador work. Did it happily, but when I was told I can’t get a simple ‘vouch’ or letter of recommendation for similar, part-time work, I freaked. I wonder, when physicians consult or do research for drug companies, becoming “Key Opinion Leaders,” if they, too, are told “I’m sorry, we can’t recommend you or vouch for your character.” What is wrong with this picture?

Would you feel the same way I do?

It just goes to show, I need to work for myself. I’m the best judge of my own character and work ethic, and if you hire me, I’ll do a bang-up job for you.

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