Faceless, Corporate CVS/Silverscript Part D Denying coverage of longtime medicine

I hate dealing with these huge corporations. They don’t care. We are numbers to them and they’ve decided my life is too expensive for them. Denial of benefits. Denial of expedited appeals process. Third party arbitrator that they own.

It happens to everyone. A medicine you really need is suddenly no longer covered. In my case, CVS deemed it not medically necessary for me to have Relistor, a drug I take when I really can’t go. I take tons of meds because of Tardive Dyskinesia and a microdose of Suboxone for Chronic pain, part of Tardive Dyskinesia.

Then I do an expedited appeal, and I’m denied again, and now……I’m sent to what’s supposedly third party arbitration, and it’s a phone number that nobody answers. Then I call Silverscript back, file a grievance and ask them when I will hear back on the grievance and they say, well, maybe thirty days. Then I ask about this third party arbitrator, Maximus, the one where no one answers the telephone, and there’s no timeline on when I might hear back from something I mail or fax. Just unbelievable.


I ask you…where do I lodge my next complaint?  This story about denial of benefits has been told time and again…..But I’m going to write about it….I just don’t know where.


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