Ryan Murphy (and “Pose”) Redux

  There was an incredible story in “The New Yorker” about Ryan Murphy. I’m super stoked about his upcoming show on FX, “Pose.” When I behold his work, whether it was the compassionate view of a person with a personality disorder in “American Crime Story: Versace” or Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark in “‘The People vs O.J. Simpson,” and for me it began with the show “Nip Tuck” about two plastic surgeons in love with the same woman…I can rest easy when I think of Ryan. I can put down the cudgel, the heavy gavel I hold.


Ahh. I’ll relax and let Mr. Murphy speak for the marginalized. He is soooo good at that. And his workforce is 50-50 diverse….and also…it didn’t come easy for him. In his early career, not everyone ‘got’ him. Some people made fun of him. He’s even produced pilots that didn’t get picked up by that network, for someone like him, that’s like someone rejecting YOU.

In other entertainment news, Julia Roberts elder brother, Eric, I learned has been in 700 movies. He does a ton of Russian movies. Also Lifetime movies. and “Queen Sugar” is back on OWN. Oprah and Ava again!

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