Jogging my memory re “Prozac Poopout” and other antidepressants I’ve tried

So, I’m writing this book “Heroine Chick: How I went from Sick and Side Affected to Becoming my own Personal Paramedic.” It’s about the Twin Freaks in my life, “Prozac Poopout” (antidepressant fatigue with several of them, not just Prozac) and Tardive Dyskinesia. During the three years when TD was uncontrolled, untreated, time, I had a couple more of these “Prozac Poopouts,” a term unkind to Eli Lilly’s product, who just happened to be the first SSRI on the scene, therefore, the first to “Poop Out.” I’ve had all sorts of antidepressant therapy over the last 30 years of bipolar, but recently, I got ahold of some old pharmacy receipts. My trip down RX memory lane reminded me of something I don’t remember: At one point, I’d been on Cymbalta. I don’t remember that!!!! I only filled the prescription 2x so it must not have worked for me. Also, I tried a Tricyclic, another type of antidepressant I’d forgotten that I’d tried. Only filled that script once, so it must not have worked well either.

The Silver Lining of it all:

For all my problems  with antidepressants only lasting for a fixed periods of time, I am grateful for some of the newer mood boosters. When one stops working, we switch to another, and some of the latest innovations dig me out in four days or less, not four to eight weeks. One time I was depressed for an entire year straight. Anyone relate to that?

11 thoughts on “Jogging my memory re “Prozac Poopout” and other antidepressants I’ve tried

  1. Hi
    I’m new to the bipolar blogosphere but your posts so far have helped me feel a little less alone with this.

    There’s one thing I can’t understand tho – and that’s how you’re able to achieve as much as you do dealing with this. One specific instance is when you mention being in patient for a psychotic episode but managing to produce an audition reel – that got you a job.
    During the multiple tim s my daughter was inpatients & psychotic she was lucky to get crayons. Not to mention she was incoherent.

    Also, i’m A freelance writer but find it very hard to manage day to day. I’ve set up a blog then never post b/c I feel like what I have to say isn’t important or unique.

    How do you get past those obstacles?


    • As a writer I recommend Stephen King’s “On Writing” or “About Writing.” He started by writing short stuff for people like Alfred Hitchcock the famous movie director. He wrote of receiving a rejection letter handwritten, and two years later, Hitchcock read something else and published it. Do you know how to submit through ‘submittable?’ I still don’t know how to do this. I’m at Send me links to your blogs in case I miss them.


      • I have gone through the “Prozac poop out”multiple times having been manic-depressive(my preferred term)for more than 30 years. Trying to find a new cocktail put me in a pretty severe depression for at least a year-a year I still think did damage to my relationships with my kids.

        On the other note, I can’t focus enough to produce something on my own. I have no problem with paid assignments but I get overwhelmed with idea on my own.


      • A new book about women’s illness is Porochista Khakpour’s “Sick: A Memoir” she was written up so extensively by the critics and the book is intimate in a way that Cheryl Strayed “Wild” and NYT “Dear Sugar” advice column, said ‘astounded her.’

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    • Dear Lee,
      I am so computer lame, even though I have been blogging for 2 years, I never thought anyone was reading my stuff. Do you have this “Prozac Poopout” syndrome? It doesn’t affect everyone. I’ve had it on and off for 20 years, have had bipolar 30. Be well and thanks. Send me links to your stuff and I’ll read it!


      • I do. I switched to Wellbutrin about 5 years ago & that along w/ lamictal & depakote has kept me out of a serious depression (&mania)for a long time. The only thing is i’m Also always in a slightly hypomanic state that never goes away because whenever my doctor tries to level me out it starts creeping back in.
        Also, i’ve Never had the kind of full-blown psychosis my daughter and others have, although I definitely get delusional.


      • I live with annoying hypomania but lately have been cycling every day, which is unusual for me. That being said, I’m on ADHD meds and they calm me down. I’m on Lamictal and Tegretol. My bipolar, as I understand it, has progressed and I’ve been getting less and less ‘good’ time from my antidepressants. for example, the first time I was put on Wellbutrin, in 1999, I got eight good years on it…Then I went to Viibryd or Pristiq, can’t remember exactly, it’s in my pharmacy records. Can you believe this? I have 12 2500 word chapters written of a 25 chapter book with resources. Sometimes I think I should work on the resources section and work backwards. Does that make sense?


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