Speaking re Tardive Dyskinesia at American Psychiatric Association Conference NYC


Hi. I’m Allison Strong. I am speaking on my incendiary, suppressed, most combustible topic, Tardive Dyskinesia, at the APA in New York City. Oh, I already said that, right? I used to be a tireless self promoter, now I’m in my fifties would rather lazily bingewatch Lifetime’s “Mary Kills People” (ER doc by day, Euthanasia Doc by night)…the Canadian version of “Good Behavior,” sort of. Or play ‘hairties’ with my kats, Jazzykat, the black one, and Whitekat, the white one. Whitekat is a little scardiekat, but she likes to jump in the air and catch the hairties like a wide receiver on a football team. So now, you know I’m all about kats. Always have been a horse person and a Kat person.


If you’re going to APA, look me up at the Marriot.

Where Weinstein Went

When movie stars and other luminaries collapse under the weight of their collective compulsions and hubris, they usually head for Tucson, Arizona’s “Canyon Ranch,” which sounds more like spa than rehab. But there’s this part of Arizona an hour away from Phoenix called Wickenbug. It’s like Minnesota…it’s rehab central. This one company has about five of them, including a rehab program for codependency!  I know this because I went to one of their facilities for eating disorders, a place called “Rosewood Ranch.” But this is not about me. It’s about Harvey. He went to a sex addiction place called “Gentle Path” that’s got  such a tight, punitive 12-step curriculum, it’s gained the name “Brutal Path.” Apparently, one of the daily groups is about how certain behaviors injured others. Ouch! Anyway, Harvey bailed or got kicked out and he’s now in the symbolic location of self re-invention, Scottsdale, which is outside, but part and parcel of Phoenix, Arizona.

I loved Phoenix. I lived there from 1991-1999 and worked at their first FM alternative station, “The Edge,” and later, with Jonathan L at “The Q.” We played stuff nobody else would touch, like Diamanda Galas, James Murdoch’s label’s Plastiq and all sorts of punk and indie rock. We were so free back then. If there’s anywhere Harvey can self resurrect, it’s Scottsdale, although I read that he’s not been treated too kindly of late by his new neighbors, who regard him with expressions of scorn. I wonder if this is true. #metoo


Who benefits more from ‘Right To Try’, Patients or Drug Companies?

Last week there was another article on patients getting early access to drugs not yet approved by the FDA. Who would this benefit more? Patients or Drug Companies? I think it’s a way better deal for patients. It leaves pharma totally exposed to the chance that a few individuals, if they had adverse events, could rock the boat and jeopardize the medicines chance of FDA approval. That being said, if I was dying or terribly depressed again, and there was a new drug or new class of drug that had positive metrics, I’d sure want access.

There has been so much medical innovation lately..it’s hard to fathom.