Tardive Dyskinesia Videos

I did these videos three years ago, underneath crappy indoor overhead lighting and with no makeup on to cover my considerable sun spots from all the tennis and volleyball and running in South Florida. Still, their message resonates. No matter how hard they try to squelch us and our ungainly side effects, Tardive Dyskinesia happens (our population has grown three-fold in the last ten years) there are ways to prevent or delay its’ onset, and there is finally FDA-Approved first ever ‘first line’ TREATMENT!!!  Ladies, Tardive hits women 2-4x more than men, so you might want to see if you’re on one of the medications that cause it. The problematic medicines are in the ‘Dopamine Receptor Blocker’ category and they include products in wonderfully conceived, expansive mindstyle ads promising happy days ahead. The drugs are great, but they have regrettable fallout. Sometimes they are used for anxiety, sleep disorders, dementia-related agitation, cancer anorexia and aids (to stimulate appetite) and gastrointestinel disorders.

These are located on IBPF’s Youtube channel.

or you can Google Tardive Dyskinesia or Allison Strong if the link doesn’t get you there. from what I understand, these videos might be taken down shortly, so watch them while you still can.


Re “Gold Standard Brand Ambassador” in New York Times


Yesterday,  I read the very first artistic/commercial collaboration of note was the

decades long dance between the late designer Givenchy and actor Audrey Hepburn.

Their goals dovetailed. She needed style…He needed a muse.

Partnerships of this nature intrigue me. But they begin from within.

If we’re writing books or articles, promoting our consulting services, selling jewelry on Etsy…no matter what we’re doing, even if we’re promoting a food or drug product that’s not super ‘glamorous,’ or Red Carpet-Hollywood,  the ‘collaboration’ begins in our hearts and minds.

What do we tell ourselves when we’re thinking about life? Whatever that is…it determines who’ll be drawn to us, since like attracts like.

It’s a law of the universe.  We all need dancer partners.  No one gets rich (or famous, for that matter) by themselves.

Even Mark Zuckerberg.