Extremists on the Opiate Epidemic


I agree, other than the catastrophic wave of crack cocaine and all its’ collateral damage, this ‘epidemic’ is the likes of which I’ve never seen. I don’t even understand it. Last week, in the New York Times, one of the letters to the editor called for a complete 90-day suspension of ALL prescription of opiods to outpatients. This would limit pain relief to patients in the hospital.

Something this extreme would likely never happen, because the drug lobbies are too powerful. However, it’s scary anyone is even contemplating it!

I’ve had chronic low back pain since 2004. I’ve tried 3 types of physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture 2x, and 10 different ‘interventional’ pain therapy injections.

Expensive and ineffective.

The last ‘test,’ which was for Coolief, worked and gave me 40 hours of 100% pain relief, but Medicare doesn’t cover it. I’m no longer on opiates, thanks to safer alternatives with less side effects.

However, if they want to put a dent in this epidemic, Medicare and insurance need to cover the denervation procedures that work, otherwise all this talk is nothing but scare tactics and hot air.

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