Radio show “Breakfast With The Smiths” (I barely survived…and I’m a Smiths Fan)!

girlstogehterInstead of a picture of Moz, you get to see who owns us, who rules our world. They been thinkin’ outside the box lately. No reason, really. Getting older. Medicine from the Vet.

I listen to ‘indie 103.1, a podcast out of la using the handle of a former alternative radio station. I write during the morning of most days. Anyway, during “Breakfast w/the Smiths” I had my fill at the first song. So I went over to Oedipus’s site, where my old boss from “The Q” in Phoenix, Jonathan L, hosts “The Lopsided World of L.” It’s mostly new music but I liked “Retrograde” on indie 103.1.  Hearing The Police play “Murder By Numbers” is killah. I don’t like everything they do but that song is irrestible to me.


ITunes has ‘lost’ half my 4000 songs. I’ve bought and paid for them, but the computer says It can’t locate them. The customer service person who I had an appointment with a few weeks ago ghosted me and has ghosted me ever since.

This newspaper column, called “The Haggler” in the New York Times says he’s done a handful of Apple cases this year and that they basically blow off trouble clients and focus on the bottom line. Speaking of ‘Lines,’ I might just drop one to “The Haggler.” Apple has already abandoned me and made off with about 2000 worth of songs.

I see forums of people online having the discussion about the greyed out fields with an exclamation point to the right of the song’s name.

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