Keep on Keepin’ on…re getting representation

al in german dress and new earrings


Such a proliferation of publications, right? We’ve got to find a place somewhere, right? I have trouble keeping them all straight as I target magazines to write articles supporting my first book. I’m doing this work beforehand. I was like this with homework, the day I got an assignment, I’d run home and work on it until it was done.

But you can’t exactly do this with a book. You can’t write a book all in one sitting.

So I keep track of what needs doing, papers scattered all over my office, kinda get manic.

Feel an urgency to get an agent or and/publisher to help shepherd me through this. I know many of you have self published but I think I need hand holding and legal vetting for my project. It’s about a highly inflammatory and political project. And I want to do it just right. Are agents harder or easier to get?

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