End of Year Health and Mental Health Self Advocacy for Allison, finally.



Right now things are cheap. I’ve met all my deductibles and struggled through the donut hole. My medical expenses have become three times as high since I got tardive dyskinesia. So it’s time to get procedures like routine stuff and even colonoscopy type crap out of the way and when it’s 2017, avoid going to the doctor as much as possible. My deductible for meds alone is 300.

The meds for psoriasis 200 mo and that’s in catastrophic…the meds for tardive…copay is 300..These are ‘specialty’ medications. I’m not sure what makes them ‘special’ ….as for the increased med xpenses post Tardive, I have thoughts on this matter but have never gone after a lawsuit. I actually have a better idea. I’m writing a book on it.


The cursor is blinking. Does that mean it’s time?

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