Words away…is this lame or what?


This is the view from my living room. Very hard to be depressed. Spending a lot of time out there. My part of the AIA coastal road in Hollywood is very 70’s with the two story not tell motels and easy access to the beach (lack of parking makes it so beach is private) as the Talking Heads sang, “What did I do to deserve This?”

Here are this week’s words….I think this is my “Bill Cunningham” (the guy who just died who rode around the streets of NYC with his camera and took photos for the ‘street style’ half page in the New York Times) anyway I think I just do this word thing cuz I like it myself. I figure if it makes me feel better….with bipolar and all, maybe you will find it fun, too.

swivet: fluster, panic reaction

rivulet: small stream but then you knew that.

bombastic: loud but w/o meaning or substance (I wonder who they were talking about there!)

exedra: Semicircular in nature, in Ancient Greek or Roman houses, a room with these sort of love seats where people can sit and talk.

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