Heres start of A Medicare Report of Abuse .. Stigma, both racial, socioeconomic and bipolar



Hey you guys…I just wrote this up. A formal complaint of long term abuse I endured by Quest laboratories over a seven year period because I was ashamed, cowed and didn’t think I deserved better. They almost succeeded in denying me my critical lab services to get my most important mood stabilizer. They are NOT going to get away with it. I may be one of the ‘little’ people but I’m “mad as hell and not going to take Stigma any more.”

Local Lab Chain’s Long Term Abuse, shame shame shame on YOU@!



To: Medicare’s Beneficiaries and Family Centers Care and Quality Improvement Center for quality Improvement Organization.

Re: Systemic and local problem in my seven years as a monthly client of Quest Labs, 3343 Sheridan Street Location, Hollywood, Florida. 33021-3606. (the last four digits of zip were hard to read).

This long letter, I’m sorry but there’s a lot to cover, chronicles a litany of abusive treatment, jeapordy of my health, healthcare and access to a most critical medication by one of your providers.

It’s a case of stigma, and if you get to page 8 you’ll see the ‘diversity in reverse’ racial discriminatory aspect as well. I don’t come out and say who’s what color but I do remember distinctly a conversation I had with the supervisor whose name is Augusta.  You’ll be able to see this sad scenario in full blown Technicolor. But there are other types of stigma, abuse, and discrimination as well. A systemic aspect infecting all aspects of the corporation. It can’t continue. You must be informed of this so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

(I will be sending this to better business bureau, chamber of commerce and any other regulatory agencies I can find too. ‘

Do you want to hear the rest of it?  Let me know.

2 thoughts on “Heres start of A Medicare Report of Abuse .. Stigma, both racial, socioeconomic and bipolar

    • same supervisor the entire ten years. So much stigma, judgment by my family. I don’t recognize abuse for what it is, confuse it with love and don’t leave when I should. That’s on me. But the rest? You wouldn’t believe. Being tall, fit, somewhat slender, white and appearing like a 1%er, made her hate me. she talked about weight watchers a lot. She maybe carried an extra twenty on a five foot five inch medium frame but under her lab, I couldn’t see. She hated herself, her job, her life and always had a brand new straightened white-ish false hair hairdo. Something was wrong and she did stuff on purpose for seven years to make me wait. But the problem was also systemic, as I discovered this week trying to straighten out a bill I’d just found out about and being sent in circles. ‘no they handle that. No, the individual location does that. No, I have to do what’s in the computer. What’s in the computer? I don’t know because your prescriptions wasn’t here. What do you mean? My doctor sent it twice today already and I’ve been doing this same lab , same doctor always paid for 100% for 7 years. Leslie, they have not heard the last of me. Promise.

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