Fashion, not Hollywood are the only ones casting Asians

laperlasianLa Perla Ad

(Thank Gooodness, fashion is leading the way…representing Asian Beauty Big time)

As if there wasn’t already enough discrimination and racism in the world, whether you have depression, a bad job, bipolar, dwarfism, adhd,  a chronic physical illness now we have to put up with this????

When was the last time you saw a Hollywood movie with an Asian in the lead? Why Not?

The producers pitching the idea to the studios for production and distribution and ad money claim that because there are no Asian “A-listers” (A la Julia Roberts or George Clooney) that they can’t get dough if they go with lesser known actors. So they do see one color. Green.

It is sooo blatantly wrong to do things like cast Emma Stone as an Asian-American in ‘Aloha” with Bradley Cooper….even  Mickey Rooney played an Asian  lead Character. And these producers are just plain WRONG. Or scared. Or prejudiced. The most ethnically diverse franchise, “Fast and Furious” did hundreds of millions at the Box Office, for example.

FASHION on the other hand is in the midst of what they call “The Great Disruption.” See above. My sister works at high end lingerie designer “La Perla.” In the last 8 mo, 30% of her casting choices have been ladies of Asian descent. And boy do they sell some intimate wear!!!!  (Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, etc are right behind her).

She just got another job that will take her to LA with her three children and husband. But she has blazed a new trail for La Perla in a sagging luxury market post 2008. Go Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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