I’m taking a note out of Prince’s Playbook: Methadone Light



‘Boy Could He Play Guitar’  David Bowie “Ziggy Stardust.”

There are big barrier to Methadone light. First of all, Suboxone, which is what they give, is an opiate. Secondly, if the word got out about this better, much safer from overdose type of treatment, the jig would be up and Purdue, Endo and the rest would lose millions of dollars on something that’s killing us.  Very few of us afford it and if falls underneath the umbrella diagnosis code of opiate addiction, not something everyone wants to admit to. Oh, well. A few courageous docs are doing it while others tell me it’s illegal. The truth is somewhere in between.

I’m not suggesting Buprenorphine (as available as Suboxone) is without risk But has a ‘ceiling effect’ on Euphoria and respiratory depression (read: Overdose).

After a ton of phone calls I got an apt and detail wise, the sublingual film goes under the time. Go bye bye alcohol, benzos and all other drugs. I paid 12.00 for my first patch.

I had my first film last night. I had few good hours and then rebound pain so awful I told my husband that If I died in the morning that I was sorry. I think the dose might not be high enough.

More on this later.

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