Words of the Weak

This is the character of Richie Finestra, the head of American Century Records and his new imprint “alibi” in Scorcese/Jagger HBO show “Vinyl” which is suffering bad ratings. But that’s another matter. It’s not neat and tidy enough for people to like. Not networky enough. Beautiful disaster of a show.


“Pastiche” (heard in the context of a criticism on this show) cheesy imitations of previous art.

“Opprobrium” (seen in an article about disgraced politico Sheldon Silver) a harsh criticism that will follow him for life.

“Siphyphean” Comes from a story about a Job like biblical character who had to roll a heavy stone up to the top of a mountain only to see it come rolling down. This came from a critique of HBO’s Veep and the new season-how Julia Louis-Dreyfuss comes soooo close to power and the presidency but never quite gets it.

“Abstruse” (context of presidential campaign) difficult to understand.

Learning new things is supposed to improve our moods. All of us. not just bipolar people.

3 thoughts on “Words of the Weak

  1. Great title!

    I went to Netflix to get this show when you first told me about it, and I could only “save” it when it’s released. Bummer!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bobby Carnavale’s acting (did you see him in “Nurse Jackie” – AMAZING) and he dated one of my favorite actresses Annabella Sciorra (“What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams, one of my favorite movies ever – she is pictured in my Gravatar below from that film. She’s waving a red scarf – see it???)

    Anyway I didn’t raelize my boyfriend, I mean the acotr Bobby Carnavale starred in “Vinyl” and that Jagger and Scorcese produced it. Maybe I’ll buy the first (and only…..sob) season on Amazon.


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