Words of the Weak

Heard in a critique of Hbo series “Vinyl”  “Pastiche” Art that imitates other art. It’s a criticism, saying something is a poor imitation, cheesy or unoriginal.

“Abstruse” Heard in context of presidential campaign means difficult to understand.

“Siphyphean” (heard in context of a critique of the new season of ‘Veep’)  This comes from a Greek story about someone who was sentenced to rolling a big heavy rock up a mountain only to watch it roll down again and again for eternity. In this context the character Julia Louis-Dreyfussj plays always wants power and the presidency, gets really close to it, but never actually has it in her grasp.

“Opprobrium” (heard in the context of an article about disgraced politician Sheldon Silver NY) that it is a harsh, clinging, criticism. They compared it to cat hair on a black coat that won’t come off.

How is this relevant? Studies show l

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