Don’s Book, “Blood Orange” just arrived!!!!

blood orange

I finally bought a book off of Opinionated Man’s “A Good Book Is Hard to Find” and have my eye on another by the same author. It just came in the mail. Yeahhhh

I’m intimidated by the technical process of self publishing. Formatting. How much that costs. That kind of stuff.

I didn’t realize this but Don Massenzio also wrote a book on self publishing!  That’s the one I’m going to buy next.

The book is in my head like it happened yesterday. Magazines and organizations who get money from big pharma, not that I’m against the drug companies, they are uncomfortable with topic of side effect of tardive dyskinesia, also called ‘movement disorder.’  I don’t blame them. It’s a hideous topic and keeps many from seeking necessary treatment.

I know I have to stand on my own with this one. There’s only one bipolar disorder foundation who might be willing to promote a book like this. It doesn’t matter. I have to write it. The people will find me.

6 thoughts on “Don’s Book, “Blood Orange” just arrived!!!!

  1. Hi there

    Would you be willing to co-author a book with me? I’m a copywriter by trade and have recently been diagnosed with TD and am seriously considering getting the message and my story out there.



    • nikki
      will exchange phone numbers do you read bubble cow? How come I haven’t seen you before today?
      want to write a book too and am collecting data from Neuro today, Center for TD, We Move…also looking for metrics…in otherwords how many rx are written for atypicals in 1980 as opposed to now that would allow me to give a projection as to how many people (20-50%) will get it after a decade of atypicals according to NAMI. We need to talk. We are on the same mission. Are you good with tech aspects like formatting, etc? Amazon seems to be the big dog that you sort of have to be with but I’m not married to that. However if you do their ‘kindle only’ program, it costs you nada. However, most people who have td right now are in the schizo ranges and don’t get out or have much money so a ‘print on demand’ option with a paperback would be nice. I have good connections at the FDA and they linked me up with other people (they liked my article in the Sun Sentinel and trust me) so I can find out some helpful statistics about antipsychotics. I was thinking book 80 pages but if two of us write it and maybe get some neuros to pitch in, we might be in the 175 page range. Or some other case histories. Have you tried Clozaril? It’s an atypical…the class that causes it but it, paradoxically, calms it down. It has really fucked up my teeth.


      • Hiya

        I’m based in the UK (I think you’re in the US, right?) and am not sure of our time differences at the moment.

        Working together sounds great – I have to say that my brain is seriously not working as well as it used to after my minor head injury last year (which led to lots of anxiety/insomnia, then my anti-psychotic prescription and my TD) but I can just about get writing if my brain decides to cooperate enough…

        Great idea about the neuros… And getting lots of stats. My formatting is limited to QuarkXPress, not InDesign, so I can’t give you the whole desktop publishing service. 😝

        Seriously I can’t believe TD is such a hideous condition… My life is irreversibly changed just because of a few bloody pills… 😫😂😔


      • Do you work for a newspaper? Or TV? You mentioned copywriting. Hearing from you gave me another idea of getting a few people from other continents. Let me explain…we all provide case history memoirs, let’s say me in the US, you in UK, we find a Latin American, a South African and an Asian and a middle easterner…it could be a middle easterner who is here now, western educated. We don’t need language barriers so maybe just keep it to you and I. I have a friend, a close friend, with a rare post partum bipolar. Do you have bipolar? Well, to avoid all the hassles with formatting, distribution, etc, the book needs to be written in Word, let’s say, and then someone like me approaches literary agents and publishers. I think that with people on several continents I can or you can come up with a ‘worldwide’ topic that is catchy and makes people grab it. I have already begun writing query letters to leading neurologists in the field to ask their recommendation as to which academic press I could approach and would they write a forward for me. If you like any of your neuros, feel free to do the same. Writers in general do not trust each other but I assure you in the case of this book, assembling a set of similar experiences, reactions to too high a dose of antipsychotics as a ‘worldwide’ threat to psych patients everywhere, this book would have a small yet fierce and devoted following. Do you know the metrics in your country? How many people in the UK have it? I know that here, less than 200k have it. Have you encountered discrimination for your movement disorder? Do you work in an office? Yes, it’ hideous. I just read a story on ‘the mighty.’ They are focusing on rare diseases. They do not have a tardive section yet, although I’ve seen albinism, dwarfism and dystonia from a Parkinson’s drug. If you want the editor’s name and email, let me know. They have submission guidelines also which are easy to find. Did you finish university?j How long have you have tardive now? Better meds might cojme out during your life to relieve you of it and I’m doing really well with clozapine.


      • I like the idea of “busy signals: tardive dyskinesia-a worldwide side effect and life sentence” or something like that. I’ve been toying with the ‘busy signals’ idea for some time.

        or..”Tardive dyskinesia: We’re not really sick, Really? Even now, my twitching has me self conscious enough I have to sleep in separate bedrooms and it causes me pain. I know a gal who would contribute anonymously maybe. None of us would be in it for the money, unless you, as a worker in the UK are NOT on disability and you are allowed to make money. In my situation, if I were to start making money I’d lose my medicare and my 1000.00 check. With all the medical problems I have, I can’t afford to lose health insurance. I have an idea about it too. Also am working on creating a utube channel and we should find a facebook group or found one for tardive dyskinesia. There probably is not one. Not yet. If I were to become famous regarding being the face of tardive dyskinesia, that would be fine. There are enough bipolar babes out there the stories all run into each other. My friend with post partum wrote a business proposal based on stats, she pitched a small publisher. They gave her an advance. Then she relapsed and had to cancel the deal. She recovered and approached yet another publisher called Post Hill Press, give them a looksee, and they gave her a deal. As I go along, every time I see someone’s book or the name of a literary agent giving an interview (my clue that she is not yet successful and superbusy)I write down the name and slip the piece of paper into a folder called ‘agents and publishers.’ The Mighty is owned by Yahoo and The Huffington Post, so it can open doors. They do not pay, in fact, Huffington only pays 500 of their 4000 writers. But right now, the name has cachet. I have been doing an investigative journalism piece for 7 mo, collecting press clippings, etc, and the story has taken me off. In other words even though I have two deadlines this mo at bphope, I’m pulled in another direction, since my FDA quotes and Senator ‘I’m not available for comment’ and NCHC (national coalition for healthcare)…all those emails I’m gonna use as quotes and then there’s links etc. I worked on it five hours today even though I did not feel well. So the point is this: My next story is going to be for “The Mighty” on Tardive Dyskinesia. But I have a NYT or Huff post piece on rx drugs and also want to do an editorial on pain medicine since the feds are trying to take it away. Try having a really bad back and truncal tardive dyskinesia. Feel good? I didn’t think so. So this all started with a brain injury? Geez.


  2. Hi there

    I read your blog with a lot of interest, particularly as you write about how you have been diagnosed with tardive dyskinesia from taking psych meds.

    Unfortunately I am afflicted by the same dreadful condition and wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

    Wow, I’m finally talking to someone else who has tardive dyskinesia from antipsychotic medication, and who UNDERSTANDS the stigmas behind it!

    I got TD from just ONE WEEK of pericyazine prescribed for severe anxiety and insomnia and now I’m paying such a heavy price. I’m so angry and embarrassed by my tongue movements and involuntary lip smacking. 😦

    I hate the medical profession for prescribing such mind altering powerful drugs and am looking to write a book about it (I’m in the UK) and self-publish if I can afford it. Bloody meds.

    Would you be willing to co-author a book with me? I’m a copywriter by trade and need to get the message out there about these hideous drugs.

    With very best wishes



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