Bullsharks in South Florida They Bite

bullsharkFLoutofthewaterThis is me, coming out of a long run followed by a two hour swim. I am exercise bulimic. I eat and then work out. I deal with Sharks.

Great Whites are more prevalent on the Pacific Coast and other colder water climates…I think Australia and South Africa have them. For warmer water and brackish water like we have in the Canals, (they have even found these bullsharks in the Mississippi River)!

I’m a thrill seeker and exercise addict (which has caused quite a few problems)… after a few orthopedic surgeries I temporarily turned to swimming long distances at the Olympic Pool at Stanford University. Later I began swimming way out in the Ocean, both in Mexico, Del Mar and finally now here in Florida. Boy, once you master the breathing and about 20 minutes passes, you get really high and I’m not sure why.

What keeps me from going out there now (but I’m going to return) are active Sharkbites not so far from home.  I saw a Mako and A skimmer out swimming a couple of times but once they saw me, they boogied. I live in Hollywood on the Atlantic Ocean. Bullsharks populate more northern areas of the Florida Atlantic coast like Vero beach and Daytona, partly because of the surfers, who they confuse with sea lions, etc.

We had a Bullshark Bite last week. It happened to a guy who was spearfishing and had loaded up the ocean water with blood. It’s called a “Provoked Attack,” in other words totally NOT the Shark’s fault.

Basically sharks are only interested in fish for food. We are too bony, in reality, for them.

I live in an area where there really is no food for them. But over on the West Coast, in the La Jolla Caves near San Diego, you’ve got all these seals sunning themselves on the rocks, and Great White
Bites are a plenty. Ten Miles up the Pacific is Del Mar, where there has never been a shark bite ever.

When I go swimming and there are schools of fish, I get spooked and get out of the water, right away. Anywhere there’s food, there’s bound to be sharks. They’ve got like radar and show up out of nowhere.


4 thoughts on “Bullsharks in South Florida They Bite

  1. You look gorgeous in that photo! Sharks scare me. Craig is a certified rescue scube diver (he learned in the freezing waters of the Monterey Bay) and he is better with sharks than I’ll ever be! I’ll never scuba dive. I’d rather get a massage! 😉


    • if you look closely at my belly button there’s a bandage, I had just had these huge fibroids removed. I know, TMI. Point being, It didn’t stop me from going in the water the next day and risking infection. I had a realllllyyyyy great workout today. There are studies linking weight lifting to more grey matter, i.e., more blood filled with O2 in the brain and a 65% less chance of cognitive decline. There are also studies linking it to mood stability but I’m not sure I buy that one yet.

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      • Cool about the weight lifting/grey matter study! I started lifting my arm weights again at home – I used to really get into weights at the gym but I don’t live close to any gym right now and after working at one, I don’t want to join anything. I bet you that weight lifting helps with mood stability too! p.s. didn’t notice the bandage – sorry you had the fibroid surgery, my mom had that too. Glad you had a great workout!


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