Words of the Week (Weak)



I read a lot. I’ve worked it out into my workout routine and before sleep. I see words in contexts of stuff that I don’t know and look them up because I love words ….I used to win spelling bees and latin greek root word contests…and the latin greek root words are the basis for medicalese which explains why I got a full scholarship for a year long course in Medical Transcription.


So here they are. In an article about blue whales, the biggest creature we have ‘cetacean’ meaning: a distinctive, large sea creature.

In some political article I saw “Clemencies” just to be sure I looked and it means act of mercy.

I keep seeing the term Archipelago with reference to the Red Sea and South China Sea. It means a sea or stretch of water with a lot of islands.

Then there was this article about failing US infrastructures “Megapolis” it means a large urban area that in this article they were talking about regions of commerce and the needed transportation to make them stronger, more productive. Like the Cascadian Corridor which is the Pacific Northwest all the way up to Canada or the region of Detroit into Windsor Canada.

see ya next time, troublemakers.

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