Words of the Week (Weak?)


Relevance? They say the best thing for depression is to learn something. Has to do with neurology or neoplastic changes in the brain. They say also people who consistently lift weights have more grey matter and a better mood too. Less likely to have cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s or dementia. 65% less. Crazy. Who do you believe?

I do it all out of superstition. I’d rather NOT get depressed again but with bipolar disorder it’s rather inevitable.


Campaign season, big words. To impress you. Wall Street does this too.

Intercine: A conflict destructive to both sides. Like Syria.

Neocon…New type of Conservative.

Fabulist…someone who relies on fables and parables….totally NOT someone of original thought.

Perturbation..a literary term from the teachings of an English Prof…a deviation from normal projector. A disturbance A plot line that throws a character way off course.

Homeostatic….an organisms tendency to strive for balance within itself.



2 thoughts on “Words of the Week (Weak?)

  1. I am so upset that fabulist is not a person who admires fabulous people…… I think there is a lot to be said for brain gym. MY gran has Dementia- last stages and I wonder if she had done more quizzes or read more or whatever like my other Gran -She would still be with us and not in a world of mere existence


    • Hi I recently came across a blog and section of NYT called “Well.” one of the writers, Gretchen Reynolds wrote an article called “Sweat Smart” saying people who do this that and the other had a ‘significant’ amount more grey matter, which is where the blood flows. I have tweeted her twice to ask what ‘substantial’ means. Is it 35% or less or more??? Come on gal, give us numbers not pabulum. (I have to look that one up) Allison


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