The youtube links to Tardive, can anyone reblog these?



People affected with tardive dyskinesia don’t circulate socially much. They’re often disfigured by the involuntary spasms, movements or in Dystonic cases, they are frozen in a contorted way.

rebels (2)I fought hard for three years to find relief for my symptoms so I could sign my own name, sleep at night and drive a car again. I went to so many doctors you would not believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m wanting to write a short book on it because I learned a lot about treatment, how to get it and what to look for. A lot of the info is in vlog 1 and 2 and I’m just asking people to reblog them in hopes of reaching more people. The 300 folks I’ve reached on IBPF’s site so far had told me some incredible, hard to believe freaky stuff. My vlogs are NOT alarmist or antimedicine…they are just helpful and low key. I did two sets, one of the sets was later in the afternoon after waking up and I was more animated. Here they are. Maybe they’ll brighten up someone’s day.

Tardive Vlogs Utube

Part 1:

Part 2:

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