Writing a Book, technically speaking..what does it take?



It just occurred to me that my greatest resource is right here on WP. I had an experience (well, actually I’ve had many) that I need to write about so that it doesn’t happen to other people who are on the medication that causes it. According to NAMI, 30-50% of people on ANY type of antipsychotic, be it first or second generation, if they take it for over a decade, they have a 30-50% chance of getting a permanent neurological disorder that’s called “Tardive Dyskinesia.” Nice. I know. It happened. And I was the ‘hot potato’ that no one wanted to help…or have anywhere near.


The whole damned thing is not attractive but I learned a ton of stuff in the three years I searched the world for symptom control.

There’s a hell of a lot more things you can do to lower your odds than to simply not take the medicine. But that’s why I want to write the book. I made a couple videos for IBPF (international bipolar disorder foundation) and they need a wider audience. People who are concerned or worried or who have the problem will find me, believe me. I just need to get the book out there. I’m fine with self publishing. I’m fine with offering a free downloadable product too but don’t know if I can afford to do it that way. I just read today that a badly ‘formatted’ book hurts sales. I don’t even know about what this ‘formattting’ stuff is. Who does? Are there people out there who (unlike Authorhouse and other self publishing firms) can guide you through Amazon “Create Space?” If there are, please, let yourselves be known. Once I get the first one done, I have many more books in me. I finally broke down and told my husband I need him on ‘my team,’ as he’s really technologically intelligent.

Recently I visited the Youtube channel where my videos is and saw it had gotten 300 views. Of the twenty comments, 80% of them had been on the same atypical antipsychotic as I had been. There’s something there, believe me.

9 thoughts on “Writing a Book, technically speaking..what does it take?

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    You are right! Your greatest resource is here on WordPress and I am sure there are many authors willing to share a link or point you in the right direction! Anyone have some suggestions for this writer? -OM
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  2. http://www.amazon.com/Rick-Fontes/e/B008DZRZ4I
    All of my books are published by lulu.com. While they do offer a ton of paid services, the basic publishing can be done for free with your only financial obligation being to purchase a proof copy of your book prior to publication. I find them to be extremely fast and helpful in responding to questions and this at no charge as well. I would highly recommend them.


  3. Formatting refers to proper grammar and editing. For best results, a professional editor is what you need; however, it is possible to write a book well enough to edit it yourself. Just got to keep the grammar and spelling errors down.

    That and a semi-decent cover will go a long way to seeing your book get some traffic. It’s possible to do both yourself and not pay a cent. but the more time, effort, and yes money you put in, the more you are likely to get out.


  4. maybe see if there are any meetup groups near you that work with authors, publishing, that sort of thing. I just found one for wordpress and I’m hoping to go tomorrow to see if anyone can help me with my blog. It’s not really local (2 hour drive), but I can’t find any help nearby. I just hope I can fix my truck by then.
    Good luck with your book!


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