Hypomania disorganization


I realized yesterday there is a project I have been working on for four months. It’s a story I haven’t heard anywhere else that needs to be told. I have pitched it two places and got ignored. Then there is this other thing I want to do, which is to write a pamphlet uploaded and free to the public. I don’t want to lay out any expenses for this either, though. It’s a helpful, informational and story of how I struggled for symptom relief for Tardive Dyskinesia and finally got it and what I learned along the way. It was 25 docs, some of them psychiatrists, some of them movement disorder specialists who said it was psychosomatic…well I have two projects going at the same time because I am hypomanic. I have to settle myself down and do one thing at a time instead of grabbing at everything that ignites my curiosity and/or passion.

2 thoughts on “Hypomania disorganization

    • I sent my first op ed to the local daily paper, since I soapbox occasionally. I really need to write a book on a rare illness/side effect (200k cases and growing thx to increased prescription of class of drugs that cause it)……I have it. It needs to be written. It’s a hurdle because I just want to get it out there. The people who have the illness are desperate for information and they will find me, believe me. Do you know anyone who has self published a book?


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