Trappings of female liberation found amongst ISIS sex slaves in Iraq



Apparently, according to the Quran, a man may not lay with a woman who is already bearing a child. This is, according to the readings, so there is no confusion of paternity of the baby, once it’s born.  This gets complicated with ISIS and their female slaves. All they have to do is capture them to enslave them. Back in the old days, they waited  30 days after buying or capturing or a new slave to see if she has her menstrual period..

But now, No Muss, no fuss. These girls are having abortions, getting hormone injections of Depo provera, taking  birth control pills, the ‘day after’ pill and being hauled in for countless blood and urine tests to make sure they are not with child.


We associate contraception with women’s lib. This is anything but. They are making the reproductive decisions for the women themselves.

They are all for modern conveniences when it’s convenient.

These guys are in a hurry. After all, tomorrow they may go to Allah and all of those virgins in Paradise so they gotta move on what’s alive, in front of them and their property. When they tire of one, they give her away and procure another.

Raping a female slave is permitted in the Quran under any circumstance barring her being pregnant.

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