Listomania Shocker!!!!!!!

Wrap Your Head ‘Round This One, readers and writers !!! We’re being bamboozled and we’re even helping the bamboozlers along!!!

trumpoprahPhoto of a photo


Lists are dominating the day. If it’s not a list, you’ll never get printed. This is especially true for young ones. I remember quite well.

Who or what would you most like to see crammed down your throat…Donald Trump, a cheesy mag with a ‘top ten ways to blast belly fat’ or Allison Strong and her Strong opinions. Join her and throw some wrist action (clicks) likes,  nonlikes…we like those the most actually, the link is below.

6 thoughts on “Listomania Shocker!!!!!!!

  1. I keep seeings lists everywhere (BP magazine tweeted a list after they tweeted this post!!!!!!) on social media. I’m going to play hookey right now and lose myself in “House of Cards” that is list-free, although they just killed off a character I love so I’m not happy.

    GREAT post! Hope you spotted my glowing “Fryansantacruzia” comment over there…. 😉


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