Link to al’s story on, willing 2 print “Listomania Shocker,” a litany on lists in list format no less

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…Actually, it’s your turn to Vote.

The blue link below is Allison Strong’s last hurrah, her litany on the widespread, ever growing list format for all articles for all occasions.  (You’d never write one about a funeral, right? That would not be PC.(Like she’d know about that? Heheh)

This is ‘supermax’ multiple choice, one, two all or none of the below. It’s called ‘supermax’ for reasons, you’ll see when you click and open the link.

Who or what would you rather have crammed down your throat, The Donald,  a surefire “How to lose 20 pounds in three days,” or Allison Strong, who is trying to start a revolution or at least create awareness as we click our way into oblivion. Lists are almost like watching TV. Very little thought required.


We’ve created a default setting in publishing. The owners of the media think, based on the obsene comparative metrics on clicks that everything automatically goes in format UNLESS there’s a grassroots movement as mentioned in the article linked to this link.

From horses mouth…the women does more than write…she speaks!!

Come on…   What’s one more click gonna matter in a world of primitive wrist reflexes? At least read what she has to say…..or be condemned to lists forevermore….. the link, once again, click and be a hater but at least click for me:

This is why we have elections and strive for a democratic process, to make people aware of what’s at stake. Recently I read 29 things you’d like to say to your illness and mentioned was this stony wish: “Stop killing me and my friends.” It just…..I don’t know. I started barking and just couldn’t stop. But I will now. You’ll either click or you won’t. I admit to being sort of a nonclicker but now that I hear facebook has a frownie emoji I might find myself clicking all day long.

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