Bipolar Listomania Shocker

Who Would You like jammed down your throat? A superficial “list” article, Donald Trump (who drove the media towards tabloidy coverage), or Miss Allison Strong. Hmmm. None of the above. Just as we thought.

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This has tough for her because she thinks if people who have bipolar disorder want to be taken seriously, then a neatly arranged body of factoids with nothing to back them up, is horrendous. She has lost one publisher (that she even knows) for expressing her disturbance at the amount of mental health content being dealt with too lightly with “National Enquirer” type lists. Here is the link to the gutsy pulication,, who allowed Allison to stick her neck out (she does that regularly) and prove why these lists aren’t always appropriate or productive. Here’s the link: I hope you become part of the electoral process.

Let us know if you think we, too should can her ass by commenting, ‘unliking’ etc in the comments section below

2 thoughts on “Bipolar Listomania Shocker

  1. I absolutely loved this post! Its combination of originality, hipness, honesty and humor is awesome. Here’s what I wrote over there:

    “I despise lists!

    They’ve become the empty calories of reading.
    Thanks so much for validating something that I’ve been wondering about (and have been perplexed about) for some time, as I noticed the surge in lists too.

    I found this part particularly fascinating: “Clicks, likes and shares don’t actually prove the article was read. In fact, studies show the opposite is mostly true. It doesn’t matter.”

    I believe it.

    These lists “dumb down” the issues and they assume that readerships can’t handle an in-depth discussion of any topic!!!

    Not so.

    I loved this post.”


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