La Perla CEO Moves On



Family member has been running La Perla. So proud of her. Someone bigger has hired her away. She’s moving on. She helped me get to New York once to see a David Mamet Play with James Spader and Kerry Washington called “Race.” Dialogue so dead on with abrasive with…you’d never think of skin color the same way again. He made the point that it’s futile to try for equality because it never will be.laperla

One thought on “La Perla CEO Moves On

  1. Wow – Le Perla! Yes, you should be proud of her; I would. I’ve heard that name for years, I’ve seen it in the high-end fashion magazines…I never got any of their lingerie from anyone at my bridal shower (cost, perhaps?) although I wanted it! šŸ˜‰


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