Minicycles within Bipolar Cycling



I’ve been a rapid cycler for a long long time. I’m on a combination of stuff that’s perfectly calibrated. Havn’t been depressed since July. As you might expect, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. The day before yesterday I went to the gym and I couldn’t concentrate on the Newspaper, had to push really hard to get through routine and never got the ‘runner’s high’

I’m in small cycles. But it scared me. I started looking at the calendar and evaluating my current state of mind and thought, ‘live each day appreciative of it.’


11 thoughts on “Minicycles within Bipolar Cycling

  1. I can relate – I didn’t get my natural high this morning . I had a hundred things going through my brain. Sometimes it can be so hard to focus. Hope you start levelling out soon


  2. Waiting for the other shoe to drop is a really scary feeling, I’ve been there too. All I can suggest is don’t forget to keep living your life, as you said, ‘live each day appreciative of it.’ I’m also a rapid cycler, so our lives will be spent up and down. We just need to figure out how to make the most of it all.


    • I know. For a reason that even neoplastic neuroscientists believe, learning or reading new stuff helps. I started getting really into world news, learned how to make jewelry and so forth and it’s helping. have you ever gone to I’m a blogger there and ibpf takes new bloggers too if you want to jump in the melee.


      • I checked out those other sites you mentioned and they’re really interesting. When you blog there, do you use the same posts on those websites as you do on WordPress? Or do you need to write something completely new every time?


      • Ok, both sites want original material. IBPF contact person Heather Zupin tell her Allison Strong sent you. She is always looking for fresh talent, new takes. I gave her about 12 stories but then my hotstreak was up. And that’s oki. They want original. But IBPF will allow you to use them Later. The other place,, the digital side of Bipolar Hope Magazine…it’s trickier because even tho you don’t get paid, it’s a totally professional gig. The gal is Shane. You would never be able to put what you give them on your blog or the reverse, for example. Keep emailing me, ok? I sent a friend over to IBPF (easiest place to start), and she’s doing just great. That is what I recommend but be sure to use my name! Allison

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  3. I wrote a blog post titled “Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop” that I submitted to Huffington Post a couple weeks ago . I haven’t gotten a rejection email yet, but my hopes aren’t high! 😦 I live in that state of mind nad it’s really pissing me off; I’ve gotta change it.

    Anyway, at least your tuned into how you’re feeling, and you’re one of the most proactive people I know. Hope you’re feeling good today! I’m running my “women with mood disorders group” at 3:00 (a terrible time for me, although I chose it myself…duh! I get tired then, but it seemed to be a better time than during a Saturday morning!) and do tons of laundry. Please send me some good luck today!


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