From Stanford to semipro Women’s Beach Tour & more of my college essay

Stanford Admissions Shocker!!!!!! Frank Bruni, New York Times Op-ed Friday April 1st. Fitting, isn’t it. Because the article about Stanford was not a list.

The Farm Still a Great School.
The Farm Still a Great School.



In The New York Times Op-Ed last Friday, Frank Bruni’s column title was “College Admissions Shocker.” So now that college is in the news, having gone there, here is my own two cents on how my experience living next to John Elway, playing on the volleyball team and trying to keep thoroughbred horse trainer Robert “Bobby” Frankel from dominating my life. He’d proposed on first meeting, given me a 50K broodmare and literally moved his stable to Northern California even though I said I wasn’t interested in anything besides friendship. I should have run for my life!


Go Ahead, skip to the bottom

If you’re interested in my college essay in its’ entirety I’m gonna quickly scroll down and type it out. It seems sophormoric with run on sentences but who bothers to follow literary rules of right and wrong anymore?


If it has a numeral or bullet point, it gets clicked. Almost always. So we’ll get lists as long as we click. But that’s not about this. My teardown of “Top Ten” list articles, especially for grave and heavy matters, will be published on (Bipolar Magazine’s Digital Wing) on Friday the 8th at midnight. I’ll be catching up on American Crime Story and The People vs OJ Simpson.



The Farm Still a Great School.
The Farm Still a Great School.

Encinitas VolleyballPro women’s two-man volleyball was much more fun and I was better at being an ‘all around player.’ Sort of like utility ….but in two person…..the two of you are IT and you have to be good at everything. Serving, defense, dinks, slams, digs, diving, net aggression, you do it all. None of this 6-5″ superstar from Southern Cal who could also jump out of the gym. I’m referring to Flo.


The redeeming message of my self indulgent post is to broadcast one fact: If you can dream it, you can probably find a way to do it.



Photo of a photo    Encinitas Volleyball


In my last post via Jason’s “A Good Blog is Hard To Find,” I promised to finish up the college essay series, I was tired like crazy.  Now, you got the whole thing, typos and all.

Regarding Volleyball, if you are a fan of the sport, which is the sport that got me my Stanford scholarship (not to mention admission with a 3.8 GPA….sketchy, hinky..”Title 9″ & Timing.


I’m not super tall, but I’m fast. I don’t have tons of upper body support or a jump any higher than fifteen inches, but made up for it and more with  my quick, snakelike arm swiing when I ‘spike,’ which volleyball players simply call ‘hitting.’  At the top of my jump, on my way down, I’d draw back & let loose that arm; smacking that ball in this or that corner or down the line. A lefty who turns their wrist at an angle so as to hit directly down the line…well it’s a nice trick and back then I had it. As a beach player, even though strategies can’t be really complicated if helps to have a working brain that sees opportunities others will take and block em.

College Entrance exam essay 1978 Torrey Pines High School

I believe I am a well rounded student, a student who succeeds at athletics, academics,the arts,and probably most important, one who enjoys and adapts well to the new environments and the people within.

In the second semester of my junior year, I transferred from Torrey Pines in Del Mar to Wood River High School in Idaho (Where Sgt Bergdahl  hails from, near Ketchum and Sun Valley…totally LDS…you’d never know. Very conservative as opposed to the neighboring resort towns).

Although my new school was a complete change from my original school, I was able to acclimate myself to the new surroundings by making friends and being involved in school activities. I maintained honor’s marks at a more academically demanding school.

While at Wood River, I tried out for the musical production of the student production. I received both the lead and the outstanding actress at the end of the year.

My teachers nominated me for the good citizen award, and the students elected me to the finals. Presently, I am back at Torrey Pines, High School, where I have been on the honor roll for several semesters, and have been elected and served on the student congress both my sophomore and junior year. I found it exciting to be involved in making decisions in student government and to relay them to the students.

Since elementary school, I have aleays had a desire to achieve high marks in school and have enjoyed most of my subjects. Excluding ninth grade, my GPA for A-F classes (as put down by the UC University of California schools) is a 3.38. (certainly not high for Stanford, but it’s an athlete I’m talkin’ about. You lookin’ at me???

My most favorite subjects (use of the word ‘most’ is superfluous), areEnglish, History, Composition and Drama. I perceive these areas as my stong Points. This is why I wish to be accepted into your communications department. I feel I have the potential to perform well in the communications course at a collegiate level.

Also, I am searching for possibilities in athletics (No Shit.Sherlock..I was just offered a partial scholarship)…

I am a lover of both team and individual sports. Amng my favorites are tennis, swimming, skiing and horseback riding. (My first job was walking ‘hots’ at the race track).

I have participated competitively in Bobby Soxx and school team softball. To keep in top shape, however, I have been long distance running. All of my athletic efforts are focused towards playing better volleyball. This is my second year of playing the sport, but being a young player does not hinder me. (Or so I thought at the time)

I’m a starting setter on our school team, which has been undefeated in league play for two years, and this year too. With my determined attitude, hard work and determination to become a better player I hope to be an asset to a women’s collegiate volleyball team.

As I’m at the end of my high school years, and look back to count goals fulfilled, I anticipate a promising future, both athletically and academically. Because of my repeated experience in putting for much effort and seeing it pay off, as well as the opposite, failure, which I believe breeds more effort and determination. I have confidence in my various abilities and that I would adapt well to a college situation as I have aleady experienced a new environment, maintaining high academic and athletic endeavors.

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