My friend Dyane’s 2nd Article in Huffington Post’s “The Blog” about ECT

Dyane tried for years to get these people to publish her work. They even profiled her, in other words, wrote stories about her, twice. But they finally have her on their radar and this is her second post for their section “The Blog.” If you’ve ever wondered about ECT, this is for you.

4 thoughts on “My friend Dyane’s 2nd Article in Huffington Post’s “The Blog” about ECT

  1. Wow – thanks so much, Allison!
    You are awesome to write this post and share the article; it means a lot to me!!!!!

    Have you seen the freakadelic comments at the ECT article yet?
    Boy, there are some mega-doozies!

    I purposefully haven’t read most of the hater ones because I’m not feeling like exposing myself to their toxic, negative, ignorant, hostile vibes. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to refrain from reading them. In the past I would have pored over them and tried to answer these people. Now I know it’s a total waste of time!

    It’s truly wonderful to have your support and knowing I have people like you in my court helps me deflect those haters’ psychic vampirsm. 😉

    I’m off to be a banana slug and watch some “House of Cards”!!!!! A treat! I hope you’re relaxing & reading the “Well” section of the Times!

    thanks again for your kindness & support!
    XO Dyane


    • hey, I’m at the last of the ‘new’ antidepressants, Brintellix. It’s alone in its’ class, even the scientists don’t know the ‘mechanism of action’ or ‘how it works. When that stops working, I’ll be looking at ECT and TMS myself. Be sure this April 15 week to watch the PBS special “Ride The Tiger,” featuring “Haldol and Hyacinths” and “War on Error: Tales of Moderate Muslim Americans” author, lawyer, human rights activist Melody Moezzi, Patrick Kennedy and others. It goes into
      ECT quite thoroughly if you want to know more.

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