I went to Stanford and am going to publish my college essay…in a few days

stanfordIt’s true. In 1979, after coming from two years of being cut from the high school volleyball team (freshman and sophomore years) and sitting the bench on Junior Varsity for the ENTIRE season as a junior, as a senior I was San Diego most valuable player of the year and being scouted by UCLA, Utah State, UCSB (Santa Barbara), San Diego State University and Stanford. My Dad, who early on called volleyball a worthless ‘beach bum’ sport, took all the credit for me having been in his genepool. He was genuinely excited for me, but too little, too late. I recently called him on this fact. What was especially disturbing was his choice to date the volleyball coaches who had cut me two years in a row. But that’s life.

The day before yesterday, Friday, the New York Times published a tabloidy titled op-ed “College Admissions Shocker” about how for the upcoming class of 2020, “The Farm” as Stanford is affectionately referred to, admitted NO ONE. NOT A SOUL!

So now, their place as the most selected University of higher learning is cemented. Even tho we know my volleyballmanship was at the center of my acceptance and scholarship, I wrote a whopper of a college entrance exam. And this week, I’ll be retitling it.

Who knew back then I’d get bipolar disorder and eventually develop tardive dyskinesia, a neurological side effect of our latest and greatest mood stabilizers??????



2 thoughts on “I went to Stanford and am going to publish my college essay…in a few days

  1. We (yes, we – my girls who both want to go to Stanford!!!!!!) are waiting for this essay with baited breath!!!
    My brother was really into volleyball when he attended Palisades High. He saw Gabby Reece at the beach one time, but he said she was a “b*tch”. I actually read her latest book (Glass Slipper something, now I forgot the title but it’s in my Kindle) and enjoyed it, but of course her ‘tude is obvious. I wouldn’t want her life and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be married to Laird Hamilton, as pretty as he is!


    • she was more a model than a real playah. I’m listening to eight voice mail messages and my very best friend is determined to call me a junkie. It’s like she just went off and refuses to listen to reason. She doesn’t care I take ‘holidays’ like the 48 hours this weekend….or that I’ve worked my dose down by 2/3. She wants to label me a junkie. I know real junkies and they do it to get high, can’t find their high, are covered with open sores….this is not me. I’m looking up herbal shit and trying to find someone who can burn my lumbar nerves at a price I can afford. I called her back and told her ‘hurtful, shaming label I won’t stand for it.’ now I realize that a friend wouldn’t kick another friend when she is down.

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