Boycott of the Boycott of The Pink Beverly Hills Hotel, also, Warren Beatty sighting @ ‘Polo Lounge’

This is NOT an April fools day story. It’s true.


beverlyhillshotel When I lived in LA and needed something to life my spirits I’d go to lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

It’s clearly visible On Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood/Beverly Hills border there lies a Magnificent Hotel. It’s most famous for people like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton checking in for a week and eating and drinking and ____________themselves silly or it’s “Polo Lounge,” where you used to see superagent and movie star or producer power brokering and the packaging of talent. The hotel also has a hell of a cobb salad. Total landmark. The most elegant Spanish architechture I’ve ever seen. At one point, I think durng the 80’s it fell into massive disrepair and the Sultan of Brunei bought it. A few years ago, in response to human rights issues with the Sultan and his cronies, all of Hollywood just stopped going there. It made all the magazines but of course it changed nothing in Brunei. But now, the stars, agents, they are going back there. I read that Warren Beatty was there and he’d just shot a new movie.  I thought he was under a rock somewhere and retired, like Jack Nicholson is rumored to be.


4 thoughts on “Boycott of the Boycott of The Pink Beverly Hills Hotel, also, Warren Beatty sighting @ ‘Polo Lounge’

  1. Very cool picture!

    Cool historical tidbits, Allison!

    God, when I grew up in Pacific Palisades I barely went to Beverly Hills or Hollywood – we’re talking less than 5X each. I went to the Whisky once to see Crowded House. I went to the Troubador once – I think it was for Tim Finn. I went with Dad to the Dorothy Chandler once in a while for his concerts/rehearsals, and to the Hollywood Bowl in the summers…that was exciting & one time I even met Fonzie/Henry Winkler backstage, LOL! :))) He narrated “Peter and the Wolf” as the Los Angeles Philharmonic played. He did well.

    But the fact remains that I was one sheltered gal!
    I wish I explored a whole lot more…


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