Attention All MedicoGeeks like me…

The medical equivalent of Edward Snowden is here and she’s illegally leaking all these unpublished research studies and their findings. Her thought on it is they get grants so why shouldn’t we benefit from her info?


Sci-Hub is her site. She’s on trial. Imagine, all the stuff we’ve Googled over the years that we’ve never been able to get ….apparently she’s leaked nearly a million studies…going back decades of course.

13 thoughts on “Attention All MedicoGeeks like me…

  1. I admire amazing, brave souls who tell the truth on the big, evil companies! But I fear for their safety too…..Good for you for recognizing her & writing about her, by the way!


    • I’ve been asleep for 36 hurs….lost this am. I’ve had funnier evil fantasys, like calling them the day of the ‘gala’ or day before to ruin it for the three of them, Lori, Muffy, and Heather. Heaven help those who fuck with the ‘Strongster.’ I endured as a child but not in kindergarten anymore and fight back. You can’t just jettison me pretending I don’t exist, I’ll remind you of my might and resilience so don’t even tryyyyyyyy.

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      • I get it!!
        You are a creative one, with those evil fantasies.

        I have been treated that way by others and truly understand, although of course the situations were different -no matter what, don’t stop fighting, STRONGSTER!!!!!!!

        Glad you got so much sleep, girl!


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