Dr Houry at CDC Just ‘cuz it’s not cancer doesn’t mean it’s not serious pain


I have chronic pain, bipolar disorder, the Parkinson’s like side effect of tardive dyskinesia, which compounds my back pain problem. You try to live with that. Just because it’s not cancer doesn’t mean it’s not serious. If Medicare would just pay for the Coolief Radiofrequency cooled nerve ablation throughout my lumbar spine nerve branch block, I would be pain free for a year or more. I had the test for it.

I had three days of complete pain relief and went into automatic detox.But like they say on the radio: “This is only a Test.” They were just looking to see if they could isolate and numb the nerve for a few days to see if I’m a candidate for this painful process. I AM. But Medicare will not pay for it. No Prior Authorization nothing. And there are new research papers on studies that prove new technology has been effective for up to 80% of people for a year or more in a recent study. I need this procedure. I can’t bear the side effects of the pain meds or the pain itself,. Please, someone up there, hear me. I hurt. Let me heal. Burn my nerves. Buy me some more time.


The test alone cost 300 out of pocket. Medicare will not cover Coolief.  The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta says “No pain meds unless you have Cancer.”

Ok. Whatever. I’m in too much pain to fight you.. But believe me. I’m not going away. God has seen to that. I don’t know exactly why but he has. Or she has. allicat

5 thoughts on “Dr Houry at CDC Just ‘cuz it’s not cancer doesn’t mean it’s not serious pain

  1. You should open up a GoFundMe account to try to raise the money for the procedure. It’s an excellent cause and I’m sure you’ll get some help. Also tweet this to EVERYONE and I will too. Call the ACLU. Call EVERYONE. POTUS, Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz….what would THEY do about this situation if elected, what can POTUS do now? Call the local news station…they all have some type of consumer watchdog/Community interest reporter…get them to spread the word about the GoFundMe account. We all need to start fighting, which is so difficult when the mental illness issues are bad, but the pain thing….that’s ridiculous. There is actually something that CAN be done to help you that doesn’t involve the evil painkillers. Make them help you or find a way to raise that money. I don’t have much, but I would donate.


    • People used to ‘dummy up’ fake MRI’s to get pain killers. Maybe I can ‘dummy up’ blood tests to prove I have cancer and go in to palliative care. But that might look suspicious when I do my core strength pilates mat routine in the hospice for my back pain. See, painkiller alone don’t fix it. I keep up on holistic stuff on my end as well. The fund is a good idea.


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