The Joke that went over TOO WELL …and didn’t make final cut


green juice

They say misery brings the comic out of us. This is certainly true of me. I was writing this article about a therapist who did not listen. I was telling him about all my supplments, Fish Oil for brain function, Pilates, Kale aloe juice protein shakes, daily greens, healing teas…and he goes “I know, have you ever thought of nutrition for bipolar disorder? You need to buy a juicer!!!

I wrote about it. At the end I go, “I’m confused. I already eat all these things. If I juice them will they work better? What about my meds? If I toss them in the juicer will that help them work better?” and that line broke the camel’s back.

But I wanted you to hear it. That’s all. Thanks for reading my stuff. Here is the link to the whole story.

Allison Strong

4 thoughts on “The Joke that went over TOO WELL …and didn’t make final cut

  1. I commented over there at BP and I bet you’ll get more comments- it’s Easter a.m. before the craziness of having our 2 kids plus another do a home egg hunt. I don’t really care much for Easter or Passover (I’m a born Jew, but I’m agnostic) – the only holiday I love is Halloween.

    Anyway, I have kids around me all day with no breaks, I will write you back tomorrow – got your email, will help anyway I can… XO


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