I wrote a promo in memory of babykat for my blog what do u think?


Photo of a photo

Allison Strong’s a stray kitten…

She won’t leave if there’s food. Clicks are her catnip. Can you throw some wrist action before her fifteen minutes of fame are up? She won’t stop meowing. The link to her story…on bphope.com blog)


Gist…being completely unheard by a therapist… in hindsight hilarious

Dedicated to deaf therapists everywhere heheh


Allison Strong is a former alternative disc jockey and music journalist who lives in Hollywood, Florida and hopes for a couple of clicks outside of her zipcode. We found her in a feral writer’s community.. begging for replies to her wordpress blogs from, “Bipolar Strength: Rebel With A Cause” bipolarbrainiac.wordpress.com. Believe her when she tells you she’ll hunt you down and return the favor.

Photo of a photo

6 thoughts on “I wrote a promo in memory of babykat for my blog what do u think?

  1. I believe you!
    LOVE that photo of you and the kitty…
    I commented over at the link – I digressed, but hey – I went there. that’s what counts, right? All the way from CA!
    And now I have to get my fat (yes, it’s fat now) ass off my chair and get outside. It’s sunny for a short time on the deck underneath the redwoods, and I loooooveeee sun! I’m careful about it though; one of my closest friends got melanoma on her face & had 3 surgeries. 😦 She’s okay, but still……


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