Bipolar Light: Miracle Juicer Cure suggested by Therapist!!!! lolol


I gotta tell you, this really happened to me. It would really help it some of you would give it a click. You might get a laugh or two.


2 thoughts on “Bipolar Light: Miracle Juicer Cure suggested by Therapist!!!! lolol

  1. This is my “I wanna cry but gotta laugh but can’t laugh” experience! 😉 I’m blanking out on the experiences that I truly found funny, but I thought you and your readers might “get” what I’ve gone through.

    I’ve lived in Santa Cruz County, California since 1987, a hippie mecca where many residents believe if you meditate enough and cover yourself with crystals, you’ll cure any mental illness.

    Sometime I laugh at what I’m told, but the older I get, the more my sense of humor fades. I get on my soapbox and this is what I tend to say or write:

    “Yeah, well, I did try tapering off all my meds slowly. I consulted world experts in the anti-psych community about how to get off my meds the safest way and I followed their suggestions. I did holistic healing modalities up the wazoo, but I relapsed, I almost died and had to be hospitalized off my meds, it kinda didn’t work for me.”

    At that point the person says or writes something like,

    “Oh, but did you try KUNDLINI YOGA!?!?! It completely changed my life! If you just tried that, I bet it would…..”

    I interrupt. Or I distance myself from this person on social media. It’s a big, ol’ buh-bye. I need to surround myself with people who don’t put me down for taking meds.

    Humor is so wonderful and I absolutely need it, more now than ever before. I think it’s awesome that you’re putting out the call for funny/bittersweet incidents, and I’ll return back here to read others’ experiences. If I remember anything that truly tickled my funny bone, I will comment again!


    • Should I send a copy of the article to the guy who gave me the suggestion? When I wrote a flattering article about his center for IBPF, the female project manager (who is a schizoaffective consumer who changed her meds recently), went nuts and refused to be quoted saying even nice stuff. Nor would she allow her center’s name to be used. So Heather helped me take all the references out and she promised to stand by me and give me volunteer references should I ever need them. Well, we see how all that worked out.

      So by sticking my neck out for ibpf to make nice publicity for the peer center AND for IBPF, I lost the support of the peer center and my poor counselor probably wonders what happened to me. I wonder if he will even know it’s about him. It bothers me that while I was trying to impress the brass at IBPf, I inadvertently poisoned the support well from which I need to drink. Every time I go there that lady refuses to speak to me, even though I did outreach and support group development for them for five years, took recovery up into the psych ward. Now, since tardive, they won’t take me back. And all for IBPF. From now on, like they say, “never shit where you work” ….I’m never going to write about a place where I go to get my support. International Bipolar Disorder Foundation, who chewed me up and spit me out, showed me how not worth it that whole endeavor is. Lesson learned.


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