Why I don’t always talk about bipolar disorder, depression etc



I should probably address the illness more, since I tag it. The reason I post so many of my global observations or stuff about Cable TV shows …..now that we’re almost done with new season of House of Cards, we’re getting Danish “Borgen” (3 seasons) and “Deutschland 83″…this is how I escape. There is something about reading the news and ongoing study regarding healthcare matters that pulls me out of bipolar depressions, so that is what I bring to the blog….stuff that’s keeping me excited and engaged with life.

At one time it was Jewelry Making.

Now, it’s reading and writing and politically oriented television like “Madame Secretary.”

But when I’m in the mood for a riotous laugh, I take a tip from my friend Dyane (“Birth of a New Brain”) and turn to “CSI Miami” to watch David Caruso as Horatio whoever, put on or take off his sunglasses, place his hands on his hips and give a deadpan-ridiculous one liner sure to make me laugh. As if life was so simple.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t always talk about bipolar disorder, depression etc

    • that’s what I hope for, for others to get interested in other stuff too, to escape or cultivate a new activity. However, now that I’ve seen the final episode of season four of house of cards, I’ve lined up two political dramas, one from Denmark called Borgen that’s in it’s fourth season. It’s modeled after the career of a powerful female politician in the EU. And the other one is Deutschland 83, a cold war intrigue drama. Thanks Hazel. #bipolarstrong #allisonstrong


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