Obama, choosing South By SouthWest….Me too except I don’t have that choice anymore



I cracked up when I read Obama was being criticized for going to South By Southwest instead of the late Nancy Reagan’s funeral with his wife. But I heard that’s what tradition is. Also, now that this has become so technological and what’s digital is our very lives, it seems, it makes sense that he’s forward thinking and wants to hang out there, with people who want to hear what he has to say. He won’t command a huge audience as an influencer for very much longer. I’m jealous. There was a time where South By Southwest was a big alternative radio convention and brand new and more well known popular bands were playing their newest and finest. We were all expenses paid, I went a few times and also, a big one is CMJ, College Music Journal, I’m not sure they do it anymore. That’s how far I’ve gotten off track.

Something is wrong with my iTunes and all the thousands of songs I’ve bought over the last fifteen years, I can’t access them. It gives me an exclamation point and says the computer does not know where they are. I can’t burn a CD, listen to them, or anything. I have a suspicion someone relocated them while trying to do something else but it’s a huge problem and I really wish we could figure it out.

Sometimes life feels over my paygrade.

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